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Crosby Swimming Club is run by volunteers. We rely on the support of dedicated individuals to exist. Currently, we're seeking volunteers to become officials for our galas.

Why Become an Official with Us?

Does your child regularly take part in galas and swim meets? 
Are you there, watching from the gallery anyway? 

Do you care about the future of Crosby Swimming Club? 

Central Role in Every Event: As an official, you play a pivotal role in the smooth and safe execution of our swimming galas. Your contribution ensures that each event adheres to the sport's regulations.

Flexible Commitment: Worried about time constraints? Fret not! Your commitment is entirely flexible. Attend as little as once or twice a year, and your contribution will still make a significant impact.

Training Provided: Don't have prior experience? No problem. We offer free training, predominantly through hands-on mentoring. Learn the ropes and gain valuable skills that extend beyond the pool.

Join us as we create memorable swimming experiences, and be a crucial part of the club team! Your commitment, no matter how small, is highly valued and appreciated.

Perks of Being an Official

Community:  Be part of the Crosby Swimming Club community 

Health and Fitness Advocacy: Promote the sport and contribute to the well-being of younger people

Volunteerism: Experience the joy of giving back to the community; your contribution makes a significant impact on young people’s lives

Efficiency: No more hours of waiting to watch a few races from the back of the gallery 

Want to find out more! 

Contact us at 

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