Summer Schedule 

Finish swimming on Sunday 25th July 


Return on Monday 16th August for limited summer training

Mondays and Thursdays from 7pm till 9pm

We will gauge the numbers and see if we need to split the groups 

All sessions will cost £2 per session per child 


Return to Full training on Thursday 2nd September 

25m Crosby Records

Another fantastic night of swims this Thursday where we saw all the squad swimmers try and break the VERY VERY longstanding 25m Crosby Swim Club records. We have a new name to add to the list of usual suspects with Rebecah Duncan making her 1st appearance on the list in the 25m 14yr breaststroke. Well done Becs!!!

The list doesn't quite tell the whole story of how well ALL the nippers done in the event with multiple kids breaking the existing records only to be replaced in the next race with another nipper. Ones that particularly stand out are

  •  13yr back backstroke with Grace Blackburn initially breaking the longstanding record only to have that beaten by Madison Rens 

  • All 13yr old boys events with Zein Mukhtar smashing every record......but unfortunately he competes with Ethan Kelly who is swimming AMAZINGLY at the minute 

  • Every 15yr old girls' event was hotly contested between Sam Harrington, Sianna Rens and Lucy McKenzie. Again, the records where being smashed and replaced as the girls were finishing their races.

  • Every 16yr old lads event.........OLD MAN Martin wound the clock back to let the young'uns know that at the grand age of 20...he's still got it!! Again, ALL the lads smashed EVERY record that had stood for quite some time.

Hopefully we'll get them all replaced again this coming Thursday!! 



again kids!!

Timed Swims


How good was that?!?!?!


How fantastic were all the nippers all the way through that?!?!?! We managed to post some very impressive times right thru the entire event with a few of the kids managing to break a few Crosby swim club record times along the way. All the kids in every squad managed some very impressive swims and the times more than reflect that.

The final day was a particular highlight with ALL the Jnr/Pre squad kids swimming 25m for every stroke.... i really enjoyed having to tell the kids that " Yes, You DO have to do 25m Fly" and watching their little faces's the little things that give us coaches the strength to carry on.

The Squad swimmers again where unbelievable with some fantastic swims. although we did have the usual moans about having to swim 3 races in one session.......until i reminded them that that equated to less than 3mins of actual swimming!! haha


But the best was definitely saved until last when after we finished the last of the timed swims we had just enough time to fit in a BOYS v GIRLS canon. All started off very quite and built slowly as the lead ebbed and flowed from boys to girls and girls to boys and back again until the last 2 swimmers got in and it was literally neck and neck until the girls nicked it at the very end with what was latter decided by the male coaches to be an illegal swimmer........didnt see that coming! hahaha  


Well done Girls you where all amazing and it was great to her all the kids cheering each other on again!


We will be trying to sort the times out over the weekend and get them sent out to everyone so you can all see how you got on against your last times. We will also be uploading the times onto the Level X swim leader boards where it will be interesting to how we compare with other clubs at the minute. 


Just an FYI. 

We will only be uploading swimmers who are already Cat2(kids that want to swim in eternal galas) swimmers otherwise you would be charged an uplift in your fee's for something you would probably never use.

Timed Swims/Level X

We're only doing it again people!!

We will be holding our 2nd LevelX event at Crosby for all our swimmers on 

13/14th June during our normal training hours.

Get the Kids to pick their 2 favorite strokes and  let us know on the day and if we have time we will try to fit in some additional swims.

Training Time 

As from Monday 24th May we will be attempting to go back to our integrated squad sessions which will allow the squads more time in the pool. we will be running the first few sessions just to check that the poolside staff are happy with how the sessions will run and there are no issues with lane numbers etc

Monday  - 

Jnr/Pre Squad - 6.50 till 7.50pm

Squad - 7.50 till 8.50pm 


Thursday - 

Squad only - 7.00 till 9.00pm


Sunday  - 

Jnr/Pre Squad - 12.50 till 2.20pm

Squad - 2.20 till 3.50pm

Unfortunately we are still restricted to poolside changing and entering and exit from the poolside for the time being, but hopefully late in June it will all go back to normal! 


Finally some good news!!

Squad 1 to to return to the pool on Thursday 15th April for a light session with ALL squads returning on Sunday 18th.

Please ensure that you bring your Covid Declaration forms with you on your first session back or we wont be able to allow you access poolside. We will again be queuing outside using the poolside fire escapes as our means of entry/exit poolside. Please check with your parents/guardians for your lane allocations before you return, but they are the same arrangements as before we left. 

See you all back in the pool !!


in, out???


See you all Sunday!

We're Away again😢

But Not for long!!!😁



After such a long time away, it was amazing over the last few weeks to finally welcome all the kids back into the pool at Crosby. The kids have really coped well with all the restrictions and the changes that have been imposed on them and on the whole gone on with everything just exactly as knew they would!! With everyone back to some sort of training thoughts are inevitably turning to competition. We have already had a heads up that Swim England are already looking at ways to get competitive swimming restarted in some shape or form. At the minute we don't really have any more info than that, so watch this space!! 

With the start of a new season we, have the inevitable departures from the club​ as some of our senior swimmers take themselves off to uni. Got to be honest......little bit disappointed that they don't think that our club is enough to keep them entertained and feel that they they need to go to university to get an actual career. Whats wrong with helping out poolside and living in your mum and dads for the rest of your life......God, kids today!!


First off we say a farewell to former ladies Captain Abi Towle who is off to university in Sheffield to study 

  • Checking the cracks in the pavements 

  • Banana Bending 

A curious choice for such an intelligent lady???

Secondly, a sad Ta-Ra to last years ladies captain as Chloe Quarton goes off to university in Leeds to Study

  • Belly button fluff 

  • The inside of dark rooms

Again another set of strange choices !!


All joking aside, the pair will be HUGLY missed by all at Crosby both in and out of the pool. We all wish them an incedible time at Uni and will welcome them back whenever they get the chance!!!


We have some better news to finish up with. We usually announce our captains with alot of fanfare at our annual awards night. But as with an awful lot this year, Covid fixed that!! So this year, we will have to settle for the website and the social media pages for now.

Jnr Captains 


Millie Griffiths


Ethan Kelly



Lottie Rens


Ali Mukhtar

This will be a different type of year for our captains with the lack of competions but im sure they will rise to the challenge of leadership none the less. Hopefully we can make a proper fuss over them at the Christmas Party......if we can have one?!?!?

Crosby Kids imprisoned!!

Dispite the lock-DOWN, the Crosby kids haven't let it get them DOWN(...sorry!!) Here's some off the stuff that they have been getting up to to pass the MANY MANY hours of spare time back at the ranchero

Dont make me do it dad.......PLEASE!!!

I Promise i'll stop torturing our Sam....PROMISE!!

Our Very own Freya Doran just before she swam the Mersey!!

Well done Freya AMAZING!!!!

........Dont like the look of the bloke your swimming with though kid!! haha


In the Final of this years Crosby hide and seek championships we have last years champions the Irvine's lining up against last years beaten finalists the Laycock's  and new comers the Ashcroft's. It's a bold move to include a dog into the team and i'm unsure exactly what expertise he will bring ?!?! Anyway the teams are moving to their starting positions and....GO!!!!

Somewhere in a pool on Westminster Road in the Dark Ages of 1987 a group of young hopeful swimmers where starting on their path of international stardom...... ALL those dreams are DASHED now, but some of you will be able to spot 3 coaches that you saw practically EVERY DAY only a few weeks ago.

FYI Mary-Anne ISN'T one of them!!

Ready, Steady

On your marks.........

Get set..........


I love her.....but god,

she's a cheat!!

How Miserable!!

Oh look

The Rensies.... and the Griffo's.......AGAIN!

I know he's my lad

but OMG how BIG IS HE!!!

He's like the Sasquatch off the

6 million dollar man

Looks like Young Aaron Kelly is Up for the part of Mitch Bucanan son Branson(meant that!).....his stepson from his secret third marriage, In Baywatch...the Crosby Shenanigans. In this scene they've had a big fight over dirty socks left on the bathroom floor...... so INTENSE!!

Aaron Kelly 2
Aaron Kelly

Looks like Aaron's forgot his lines again!!


Looks like Ethan Is STILL refusing to tidy his room!! 

You go Eth, Run wild and FREE

Run Ethan RUN!!!

Ethan still refusing to clean his room!!
Lucy Mc.jpg



Lucy's dedication to the world of open water swimming knows no bounds!!! The country has been basking in a record breaking heatwave for the last 2 months....does Lucy feel the need to dip her toe at that time??? Nooooooo!!!

DAAAAD, Its raining sideways...... shall we go for that swim now???

Your a nutter young Lucy!! Haha

What you cant see is just behind the camera is a full crew of medical professionals ARMED with silver blankets and hot Bovril just so we can all see how much Lucy and Ste ENJOYED that open water swim.

Haha Well done you two!!!

Lucy Ste.jpg

It'll be worth it in the end mate!!!


Why am i allowed to put a rope on him when he's swimming but when i done it a few years ago and went out for a few pints, i'm a terrible father???........WHY!!

Oscar pool.jpg

He's a lumberjack and he's ok

He sleeps all night and he works all day

He cuts down trees

He eats his lunch

He goes to the lava......that's enough i think

From a complete dad point of view Ethan...those are 2 lovely bits of wood you messing about with and i know your dads having kittens behind the scene's watching you fiddle about with them!!

Also, hope that socket is RCD protected or me and Dave will be round to confiscate that wood...for safety....obvs!!

Simon and Di

At NO point is Oscar allowed to have a smile on his face when in THAT pool!!

It's for



Looks like our Lottie is struggling with the ancient mystical art of the Hula Hoop. I believe it can take YEARS to master and there are temples atop Tibetan mountains full of wizened old men twirling hoops around their waist....... Every journey starts with one small step Lottie!!

Ooer....looks like things are hotting up at the Rens household if we are starting boxing practice with the girls 


Madison "MADDOG" Rens


Sianna "PSYCHO" Rens

This time, it's for the comfy bit on the couch - you have to say that in a corny American accent!



Best birthday EVER!!

I'm on next....Winner stays on!!

Although looking at the concentration on Jakes face.....

. i think we know who that will be!!

The Blackburns have been back to check and in Clares own words

Yup, Still closed 😢

I'm not sure if i want to thank her for the info or not??? haha


Winner of this weeks

"I've had ENOUGH"

award goes to

Madison Rens 

Well done Maddy, keep up the hard work!!

Lottie....Just give us the cheese and nobody needs ever know about the 15 empty packets of crisps under your bed........your choice Lottie!!!


Caleb struggling to remember what back stroke was...i SWEAR he was there for a full 3mins just waggling his hands around..... he got there in the end!!

So cool he can even update his INSTA account mid press!!


..........Alright, lawn maintenance might not be my strongest attribute!! If im honest green grass was SOOO last year!! All the coolest lockdown lawns are YELLOW!!

Aaaand we're done for the day!! ....oooo NICE SOCKS!!!


Looks like Ethan is practising for this years double dutch championships!!

Grandmaster Flash and Melly Mel better watch out!!!

Our Little rainbow warriors. Who would have thought that a few years later that both these little stars would be 2 time M&D champs and both helped getting promotion into the Premiere division of the ARENA League!!!

Grace and Eva

Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a .....BUTTERFLY!!

Stick and move joshua 


Rock the boat

Dont rock the boat baby

Rock the boat

Don't tip the boat OVER

josh & grace
grace and  josh

Looks like our Gracie and Joshua have had enough and fell asleep....come on Laura, CRACK that whip!!!

With the look on Dylans face i'm presuming that younger bro Ben just won at whatever they were doing and is taking the time honored tradition of rubbing it in, to a new level by adding stairs into the mixer!!! Bravo young Ben.....BRAVO


The Griffo's SMASHING the swim hat challenge

......Those are a VERY fetching pair of Kneecaps on display there!! The owner should be VERY proud and his wife consider herself VERY lucky!!

Some real skill and technique to position the hat so PERFECTLY on that head....... and a pair of ULTRA STYLISH grey socks to round off the that guy's really got it GOING ON!!



If I would have dropped it, it would have landed square on her head......JUST SAYING!!


Again i can only go from what the email tells me, but i'm assured that we have Issac & Finn Arnold doing everything apart from swimming in that luxurious pool...... a prize for guess which is which!! Answers on a postcard, please send to P.O box 1....always wanted to say that!!

Looks like Finn is taking swimming off the table for the moment and seeing if he can get a role in the new CHiP's movie.....Eric Estrada will be quaking in his motorcycle boots!!!


Issac "Potter" creating yet another Crosby Swimming Club masterpiece - DEFO get into Griffindor with that mate!!!

OH MY GOD What did Lottie say to deserve THAT!?!?

I'm assured that this was a very PG game of beer pong......dosen't look it!!


Phew looks like everyone made it out in one piece!!! If not completely dry....Sianna must have lost looking at her face though!!

Lottie in a much more civilised pastime!!! 

Where did we get all these artisic kids from!?!?


Dont worry.... if Boris doesnt let us all out soon we will be sending the NEW club training pool around to everyone's house. This week the Blackburn family will be using it

Looks like Luke's in 1st....Good to see he left his weapons of mass destruction with easy reach in case of alien invasion!!!

luke Pist.jpg

Looks like we've lost Luke to carry on the good fight!!!

I am TRULY HOPING he wrote his name with those water pistols!?!?!

Today Ethan Learn't a very valuable lesson.

Swimming is REALLY BORING without WATER!!

Either that or he's just bought the worlds biggest catapult....... God i hope its a CATAPULT!!!



Now all's you have to do is fight the tramps that lives under that bridge and your exercice is done for the day........EASY!!


Oscar Donnelly giving it the biffters for his daily exercice...... i just hope he checked for dog poo before he settled into position?!?! 

Keep it up mate!!!


Well done Josh I'm reliable informed that the dinner was really nice!!

We'll have to get you and Caleb on buffet duties for the presentation night??  

Yet another budding Gordon Ramsey to add to the fold.... wonder who swore more Gordon Ramsey, Josh Bradburn or his mum when she seen all the washing up???


Can anyone identifiy our very young Nirvana Fan

You will absolutley kick yourself if i have to tell you!!

I'm told that that figure whizzing away on the bike is our very own Ethan Wallace......... Dont see it myself but his mum is trustworthy enough?!?! Haha


Looks like its PARTY TIME at the Steven's household 

They've DEFO got all the best gear on!!!

Looks like our Captain has gone "PRISON RULES" with his new haircut!!

I'm not sure that's an accepted hairstyle at Hogwarts Luke!! 


I piddy da fool.......

that lets his dad go all Vidal Sasoon with a set of clippers but ends up looking like Mr T without the chains!!

Well done Ethan you look spectacular!!

We DID tell the Blackburn's that there was no swimming didn't we???


Love it Bob!!!!

Aahana out for nice leisurely jog along the prom....then a HUGE BREAKY i hope?!?!

One Of our NHS HERO'S in none other than our very own

Emily Spencer

I speak for us all when i say we couldn't be prouder!!

But more importantly to you and all our HERO'S


image1 (3).jpeg

Abi, I dont think that is approved work attire for that you?!?!

Why does everyone always look so pleased with themselves when they're holding a battery drill??

Ahhhh, the drill makes sense now!! What you don't see in this photo is that basketball ended up through that toilet window 


Looks like Isabella won this round of whatever game that is..... i suspect Freddie will have a different ideas for round 2 ?!?!

Isabella Jones enjoying some Well organised and even more importantly CLEAN AND TIDY fun

image1 (2).jpeg
Swimming Club.jpg

Archie, i'm hoping that you purchased that beast at the local fishmongers because that thing looks like it could bite your leg off!!!

Alex Goldsmith enjoying the the April sunshine....hope his mum got some lotion on those shoulders!!


Aidan, your parents must love you VERY VERY much to buy you a trombone....or they are deaf??? i just hope that your brother dosen't want to be a drummer!!

Aidan, Aidan Brother and Aidan Dad camping out in the back garden...... It would take a braver soul than me to be the person that unzipped THAT tent in the morning!!


Aidan rocking a new BLUE HAIR DO to match his BLUE STEEL pose!! Electric mate.

Sorry Madison, i've got nothing for this one!!


Just so you both know, i saw Scoobie having a wee in that pool before!!

Well it looks like Lottie has picked the most difficult jigsaw in the history of jigsaws......Find the corners Lottie.......FIND THE CORNERS!!!


This is either Ethan doing the 2nd week of a couch to 5k programme, or more likely Ethan 30 secs after his mam asked him to tidy his room...... i know where my moneys going!! haha

Keep it up mate!!!!

Ethan getting some aerobic exercise in!! I'm going to bet that 5 mins after his mam took this photo, Ethan was fast asleep on that incredibly comfortable looking couch!! haha 


Who knew we had so many artistic kids at Crosby?!?!?

Amazing Nic and even i can see that he's a huge fan of Picasso....or his mum and dad need to check what's in his water bottle these days?!?! Hahaha

Keep it up mate BRILLIANT!!

Caleb and Millie sporting their brand new Regional Championship hoodies. 

Another one that we'll have to PEEL off Millie while she's asleep!!


Lucy McKenzie Looking amazing as she takes up serious cycling. Let just hope that when Lucy develops the inevitable chronic asthma that dogs the professional cycling sport it doesn't hamper Lucy's swimming!!

Taken with the new I phone10 i'll bet!!

Well done Sean Flanagan. I'm going to guess that he included the Crosby S.C buoys on purpose



Archie Weindling pogoing like a champ, 347 is his best so far ..... he'll have abs that will put Peter Andre to shame in NO TIME!

I know what your all thinking and YUP, we DO want to see him pogoing on that trampoline!!

Am i the only one that remembers when pogoing used to be something else??

Think our Grace is about to fly out the end there??? 

Keep it up!!!!

Just a quick question though, Do you think we could find enough room to throw Katie Hopkins in there when your done.......


Grace Back.jpg

I'm Not sure if that is a training aid or a new form of enhanced interrogation. None the less nice high elbows from Grace there!!


See it's not just Joshua Thats practising while we're away!!


Anyone for tennis....i mean Badders???

Grace and Eva go head to head for the Crosby grand slam...Bet there was a few bob put down in the bookies for that!!

Lets face it, if Grace is doing it in her sliders my money has got to go on Eva!!

Joshua about to go for his ONE form of legally approved daily exercise.... although by the look of that smile, he might be trying to dip out for a sneaky TWO!! 


Looks like a CLASSIC press up on the dunes from our Grace and Joshua. Careful where that sand goes!! 

Looks like Toby Dwyer is brushing up on his footy skills. Just to be clear though mate, those skills WILL NOT come in handy in a gala?!?! Haha

Keep it up mate..... the exercise, not the ball....but you can do that as well if you like!! 

Toby D.png

Looks like Luca Dunham is either practicing being a Elton John impersonator or his mum and dad are turning him into a mixologist??

Oliver Turner-Bone auditioning for the vacant 007 role. I know it looks like he's cleaning up, but he's doing it with a pressure washer and that is almost it dosen't really count. Sorry mate, your dishes tonight!!


Sianna Rens looking to expand into the UFC and practicing her choke hold on a poor unsuspecting Scoobie!!

Caleb doing the tea barefoot no less. I'm going to bet that there is a quite SCARY amount of chillies included with that meal.....and he dosen't clean up!!

For the record, it was loverly!!


The Stevens's held the annual backyard Olympics with Tillimiester showing well. Looks like everyone got medals apart from our fearless leader who just looks like he's about to do a Tonya Harding on the competition???

I'm Not sure if Oscar is self isolating or just giving his mam and dad 5mins peace??


Again not sure if Oscar is looking for a job as David Belamey replacment or showing China how you should really treat the local flora and fauna???

Oscar with his artisitic side...... or a cry for help?!?! haha

Brilliant mate, keep them coming!!!!


ALL training for ALL Squads suspended until further notice due to the current Caronavirus outbreak. We will try to keep all members updated through both the website and email as soon as any news is available

Wirral Metro Spring Meet

Session 1&2

Strange not to hear anyone cough or sniffle for fear of  Bango music kicking in and local villagers chase them out of town with pitchforks and flaming torches?????

This is an event that in recent years has turned out to be quite rewarding for Crosby even though the competition is high due to it being one of the last chance for kids to achieve must coveted Regional qualification times and we were hoping that this visit would be just the same. We started off with the lads on the 400m freestyle. But we could take it easy because only psycho's would choose to start off Saturday morning with a 400m freestyle race!!! So why exactly where Dylan Marshall and Aidan Aidan Kearney at marshaling then........oh god..... the lunatics!!!! Off first was Dylan and he managed to post an incredible near 30 sec PB to get the ball rolling and this set the tone for the rest of the gala!! Following that was Aidan and again, another great performance saw Aidan rewarded with a 20sec PB!! We had the ladies up for the first time next for their 200m I.M  Isabella Jones lead the charge and managed a 2sec PB to get the ladies off to flyer.Freya Doran (in the first of her 300 swims) took up the baton and managed to hit a 6sec PB. Millie Griffiths and Maisie Stevens were in next and both girls were amazing with Millie hitting a 10sec PB and a BRONZE medal and Maisie Stevens hitting a 3 sec PB and earning a SILVER  on the way. Holly Cooper and Sam  Harrington finished our interest in the event with Holly capturing a BRONZE and Sam a well earned PB!! Up next was the gents 100m backstroke and we were heavily represented across all age groups. Up first was young Nicolas Castineria and yet again a huge 13 sec PB really set the tone! Oscar Donnelly was up next but he could only conjure an 11 sec PB(........absolutely UNBELIEVABLE gents!!!) Aidan Kearney was next in  straight after his 400m free but even with little rest time between events he still managed to hit his entry time!! Super Will Irvine was in next and this lad is QUICKLY becoming the bane of every lad that has to race against him and this time it was no different! Not only did he take nearly 5secs off his entry time but he managed his first GOLD of the weekend!! Another medal and PB followed quickly on with James Rogers bringing home a BRONZE. We finished the backstroke with another great performance with Tyler Delaney hitting a fantastic 2sec PB. With the ladies breaststroke event next we knew we had a great chance of maintaining the tumbling PB's and visits to the medal table and yet again the nippers didn't disappoint.  Trudy Delaney was first out and got the girls off to a terrifying start by smashing almost 13secs off her PB which over 100m is an incredible achievement. This is one of the best swims I have seen our Trudy do and hopefully she can maintain all the hard work she has put in over the last few months!! Freya Doran was in the pool next and yet again another PB fell this time by a mere 6 secs!! Next up was Isabella Jones and Lucy Chellew again both hit great PB's. This was an especially great swim from Lucy as she has been struggling to even hit her PB's over the last few galas but this time she not only hit it but absolutely SMASHED it by almost 6sec, well done Lucy!!! Our final two were Jnr captain Maisie  Stevens and Hollie Cooper . Both girls had fantastic swims in their heats, with both leading the charge all the way through and each was rewarded with a PB and Crosby's 2nd and 3rd GOLD medals of the day. In what was Aidan Kearneys 3rd event on the bounce (.....think he must of upset his dad while he writing out his entry form???)  we started off the 50m butterfly event. In with Aidan was Oscar Donnelly and again both lads picked up great PB's to get us on the way. Up next in the same heat and swimming NEXT to each other where James Rogers and Casey Delaney both the lads set off at a great pace and were both out in front of the chasing pack as they turned off the first 25m Casey had a clear lead and looked strong as they both turned into the finishing straight. But with James ALWAYS finishing strong you couldn't count him out as they headed down to the finish. With each stroke James was chipping away at Casey's lead and they touched we all had to look to the board to tell us who had got there first. Some how James had managed it with a fantastic final 25m that gave him a win by 0.21sec, great race lads!!!! With a GOLD and SILVER for the lads I think we can give them both a pat on the back. Our final pairing for the event was the always improving Mathew Blackburn and the gala debutante George Spence. Mathew again hit a great PB and is improving with every gala and every event he competes. George showed no nerves on the block but unfortunately, despite a great swim managed to add time onto a completely made up in the changing room time!! None the less he was still rewarded with a debut BRONZE medal for his efforts. Up next was the always hugely popular 50m freestyle and young Annabelle Irvine chose this event to announce herself to the world of competitive swimming and her mum and dad to the joy of forking out for double the amount of swims at every gala!! As we expected a few early nerves were put to bed as soon as she dove onto the water and she was rewarded with her first PB by knocking nearly 7secs off her entry time. We had a  huge amount of PB's for Crosby in the next for heats with Isabella Jones, Lucy Chellew, Freya Doran Trudy Delaney and Jess Harrington all having great swims. With Meave Bunclark and Millie Griffiths in the next few heats, we were hoping again for medals to be won and yet again these two didn't dissappiont !! Both girls managed to hit PB's and with Millie hitting a fantastic BRONZE and Maeve doing one better with a well earned SILVER. The boys in the blue hats were back up next in the 200m breaststroke and with an incredible line up, we were hoping for big things. Young Archie Weindling lead the way for the lads with a great swim and 20sec PB he really set a high bar for the lads to hit!! Next up was Nicholas Castineria and again a huge 15sec PB proved how well Nic is doing. In the same heat was Oliver Lambert and Oli seemed to us to be struggling for the last few galas but there was NO SIGN sign of any struggles this time with a huge 10sec PB and a SILVER medal to boot!!! With Batman and Robin next into the pool all the other competitors must have been sick!!! Will Irvine completely dominated his own heat and crashed out a 15sec PB and earned another GOLD medal in the process(another Crosby 1st & 2nd place with Will and Oli !!!)while Ethan Kelly was stuck in the end lane and in a heat with all the lads considerably older than him. Ethan didn't let it phase him but crashed out an amazing 2nd place in the heat, 8sec PB and a well earned GOLD!! With the ladies 200m backstroke wrapping up an EPIC first session we again had plenty of blue hats to keep us occupied.....  even though our stomachs had long since given up any hope of feeding!! Isabella Jones was first in the pool and managed a PB just by virtue of this being her first attempt. Grace Blackburn was up next and had a good swim but the pick of the swims had to go to Jess Harrington who crashed on a very impressive 7sec PB! 
DIN DINS!!!!!!
We started the 2nd session with the ladies 400IM and I was under no illusion that we get to wait this one out, Although it did make me feel better that Sam Harington at least had the decency not to care what I thought!! With plenty of support at the end of the lane Sam set off at a fantastic pace that I didn't think she would be able to maintain, but length after length and stroke after stroke she managed to keep the pace right to the end and yet again a high bar was set with hitting a 12sec PB. The lad 200m freestyle was up next and again our lads where out in full force. Dylan Marshall got the ball rolling and with and in what was an amazing g swim knocked an unbelievable 21secs off  his personal best time which is amazing and shows exactly how hard Dylan has been working over the last few months!! In the pool next was Oliver Lambert and with this not being Oli's favorite stroke I wasn't expecting alot from 'ole breaststroke' Oliver, but yet again I was left FLABBERGASTED by Oliver's swim. From now on I'm just going to think that ges winding me up at training as this was a really fantastic swim....... he kicked his legs and EVERYTHING!!! Yet again another PB fell by the wayside with Oli taking 4secs off his time. Will Irvine was up next and there's not much else I can say about Will except he was great from start to finish with another PB and GOLD medal to add to his growing crop. Last but not least was Ethan Kelly in final race for the day. I'd like to say that he saved his best for last but with a lad like Ethan EVERY race is his best!! AGAIN Ethan smashed his PB and AGAIN he took home a GOLD medal. GREAT days work mate!! Next we welcomed back the ladies for the 100m freestyle and with 18 heats we had plenty to enjoy. We had plenty of blue hats to keep our interest and yet again PB after PB was hit by Lucy Chellew, Freya Doran and Jess Harrington with Freya Doran having the most success with an 8sec drop. Again though another mention to Lucy Chellew who again showed how well she has been pushing In  training by snipping almost 2secs off her own time. We only had one medalist at this swim and that fell to Millie Griffiths who managed to maintain her great form from the morning session......must have been the GREGGS pasties she had at dinner??? Not only did Millie smash her PB but she also managed to being home a BRONZE medal in the process. The lads were back next and Nicolas Castineria had decided the time was right to crash in his first 100m butterfly despite a few early nerves at  poolside, Nic was BRILLIANT throughout and looked alarmingly comfortable throughout the entire swim!! In next was our always terrified 100m butterfly specialist James Rogers. I swear that every time he does  this event it's like the first time!!! Hes like a 100m butterfly goldfish!!! As EVER James managed to complete the race and collect a well earned gold medal in the process!!onto the penultimate event of the day with the girls 50m breaststroke and I could almost hear the ice clinking in my gin glass. Annabel Irvine was on first and had a good swim showing that there will be plenty more to come when she builds up her confidence! Yet another GREAT SWIM from Lucy Chellew saw her round off a fantastic day with another PB. Freya Doran followed that with a PB of her own but it we had to wait for Maeve Bunclark to get our final ladies medal of the day with Maeve bringing home a hard fought BRONZE medal and an obligatory PB. Our final swimmer for the girls was Millie Griffiths who rounded off a unbelievable day with another PB and was just pipped for another medal. Great day Millie!! Our final event of the day - as not even Freya was up for the 200m fly!!!  - was the lads 200m backstroke and again we had tonnes of blue hats in the pool. Archie Weindling set the lads off with a great PB and with Oliver Lambert, Oscar Donnelly, Nicolas Castineria and Mathew Blackburn all hitting fantastic PB's we really ended the day strong. But as ever will Irvine really put the cherry on top of a great day with a great swim, a great PB and a final GOLD medal for the day. Huge well done Will, as ever you where amazing all day!!! In fact EVERYONE really had a fantastic day with OVER 320secs knocked off across everyone's times and 19 medals shared across the kids..... I think the kids could feel happy with their days work  Bring on Sunday!!!!

Session 3&4

Getting us started for the ladies 400m freestyle this time was Freya Doran and how anyone can contemplate a 400m free after the night out on the razz that Freya had is beyond me never mind the great swim and PB that she hit. Our final 400m nutter was Sam Harrington and not one to rest on her laurels after yesterday excellent swim in the I.M Sam was again excellent in the free. Again she went out at a pace I didn't think she would be able to maintain but AGAIN Sam kept up a relentless pace and was rewarded with an incredible 20sec PB. With the lads 200m I.M up next everyone of the poolside staff went into a of our airplane was missing and it didn't matter how hard we looked we just couldn't find him???(......we should have checked his bed!!!) So on we went, missing lad and all. Getting our lads off to a flyer was Mathew Blackburn and Zein Mukhtar and with both lads on the same heat it was a good chance to see how the lads where getting on. The always impressive Zien had a great race and managed to smash almost 5secs off his PB earning a BRONZE medal in the process but in the lane next to him Matty managed to crash a hugely impressive 10secs off his own PB which really highlights exactly how much progress he continues to make. Our final entrant was Ethan Kelly and as ever he was terrible!!! Only god knows how Ethan chalked up another VERY LUCKY 15sec PB( beating his nearest challenger by a HUGE 20sec!!)and another GOLD medal. The ladies 100m backstroke was up next and the incredibly nervous Orla Holt got the team off to a great start. After practicing her backstroke turns on the Thursday session a little about of nerves was very understandable but completely unnecessary as she nailed every turn and was welcomed to the finish with a brilliant 9sec PB. More great swims from Grace Blackburn and Jess Harrington followed with Isabella Jones and Eva Holt setting fantastic new PB's. We didnt have to wait lo g for our next medalist as Millie Griffiths was narrowly beaten to 1st place and took home a SILVER medal and PB. Our lads where in next and Archie Weindling led the way for the lads with a great swim and PB. Oliver Lambert was in next with Oscar Donnelly and Oli continued his great form with another great swim and PB and the all important GOLD medal to show for his efforts. Our final swimmer was Zein Mukhtar and again another strong swim from Zein was rewarded with another great PB. The girls 50m butterfly was up next and we had another strong field of swimmers. Orla Holt got the ball rolling but could quite take her form from earlier forward but had a good swim nonetheless. With Isabella Jones, Freya Doran Eva  Holt and Millie Griffiths all having great swims and ALL hitting PB's it was a great set of results for us, made even better by both Maeve Bunclark and Maisie Stevens picking up medals with Maeve taking home a BRONZE medal and Maisie Stevens coming away with a PB and a SILVER medal. Moving onto the lads 50m freestyle we had Sam Doran setting the early pace. Archie Weindling, Oliver Lambert, Dylan Marshall, Oscar Donnelly and Zein Mukhtar where next up for the lads and again PB after PB was left for dead. In one of the more memorable races we managed to cram 3 of our lads into one race. With Casey Delaney,  Ethan Kelly  and the much improved Jake Stevens in a heat together this $*#@ just got real!!!! All the lads were swimming neck and neck but as they turned for home Casey just started to take a slight lead. Neither of the other 2 let him have it his own way and chased him right to the end!! Needless to say It took an amazing swim from Casey ( breaking the 30sec mark!!) to come away with the the heat win earning himself a SILVER medal on the process. Not to be outshone, Ethan earned himself another GOLD medal to add to his haul and Jake a big pat on the back from his dad for an excellent swim! Finishing up the Crosby interest was the big lads with Matthew Blackburn, George Spence and Tyler Delaney all swimming well and earning PB's. The final race for the ladies morning session was the 200m breaststroke and yet again we had plenty of interest. With Isabella Jones setting the pace with a confident swim that looked really smooth and easy from the minute she dove in the rest of the girls had a lot to live up to and with 11sec smashed from her PB THAT would take some doing!! With that in mind Eva Holt in next and another great Crosby swim saw another great 8sec PB registered in the Crosby column! Our Jnr captain was our final swimmer and she looked like she had been waiting for this event all morning!! From the dive to the final touch Maisie Stevens was amazing. In previous 200m races we have seen Maisie start off at a great pace only to run out of steam and fall back into the pack. Not this time!!! This time Maisie lead from the start with a great pace and maintain both the pace and the lead all the way through picking up a SLIVER medal and PB on the way..........god I was starving and with only the lads 200m backstroke remaining it wouldnt be long before I could sample all the delights that Birkenhead could offer on a Sunday afternoon?!?! With only Zein Mukhtar swimming those delights where closer still!!! Zein made my empty stomach worth the rumbles and crashed in an excellent 13sec PB. For the record the GREGGS steak bake and sausage roll where delicious!!! The ladies 200m freestyle kicked us off for the run home and all the girls had fantastic races with all girls managing well earned PBs so a big well done to Grace Ashcroft, Freya Doran and Millie Griffiths for a good start to the afternoon session. With almost every lad from the club competing in the 100m freestyle there was certainly plenty of Crosby interest in the pool. With Joshua Ashcroft and Sam Doran in first we again hit new PB's for the lads and with Archie Weindling, Dylan Marshall and Oliver Lambert also hitting PB's we really had tbe party started. Oscar Donnelly was up next and to  be fair this hasn't been Oscar's MOST productive gala. But he kept the faith and his confidence up and was finally rewarded with a great swim and his first PB of the gala. Well done mate although theres not much on the planet that would keep you down for long. Up next where the big lads and Jake Stevens took up were he left off in the 50m free with another great performance and a new PB. Again another Casey Delaney and Ethan Kelly showdown took place on the next heat and yet again STRAIGHT from the off there was nothing between them. With both lads turning for the final 25m Casey maintained a slender lead that he managed to take right through to the finish earning himself a new PB and a BRONZE medal. Ethan had to console himself with his own PB and another GOLD medal to add to his impressive tally!! With Mathew Blackburn up next for lads a great swim and PB was almost guaranteed and yet again  at didnt let us down . Finaly for the lads will be the type of competition Club Champs will be made for as we had George Spence and Tyler Delaney lined up in the same heat. As you could expect the entire race was nip and tuck from start to finish with both lads exchanging the lead on a few occasions and as they made the final turn and push to the finish there was still literally NOTHING between them and again as they finished we needed the board to tell us who had made the touch??? This time Tyler came away with the win but who will it be in a few weeks?!?!?! I was very confused when i read that Maisie Stevens was our ONLY competitor in the 100m butterfly . As a club we have got loads of ladies who are really strong on butterfly and plenty of them where in attendance on Sunday. Not one to let things like that bother her Maisie took off at a great pace buoyed by the confidence that all the great swims so far that weekend must have given her as she absolutely stormed the race from start to finish picking up a fantastic PB and another GOLD medal to finish off what was an amazing weekend for Maisie. Final event for the lads ( again no one brave enough to take on the 200m fly........SHAME!!!!haha) was the 50m breaststroke and we were starting to see a few of our champs tire a little. It had been a LONG weekend and I think the lads could hear the "  Songs of Praise " theme tune in the distance.  Up first was Joshua Ashcroft and a another great swim for Josh and a great PB. Archie Weindling and Sam Doran were both in the next heat and although they both had good swims, neither could quite pull a PB performance out of their legs Oliver Lambert and Oscar Donnelly were up next and both lads finished of the weekend in style. Oscar managed to take his form from earlier and hit another PB to wrap up the weekend on a high and Oliver went one better by not only hitting a PB but scooping up a SILVER medal in the process. Zein Mukhtar also finished the weekend in style with a BRONZE medal in his final race and a PB to boot!! Jake Steven's and  George Spence rounded up the action for the lads this weekend and dare I say it.... more PB's wrapped up their own weekend.  Finishing the weekends Crosby interest was the ladies 50m backstroke. Plenty of blue hats again to keep us focused with Grace Ashcroft, Grace Blackburn and Freya Doran all setting new PB's they all finished a hard weekend well. With only Millie Griffiths remaining it was starting to look like her mind was focusing in the subway and chippy chip tea we were all looking forward to. Nonetheless she still managed a reasonable time and Crosbys final SILVER medal of the weekend!! Well done everyone!!!
From the coaches point of view there was an awful lot of EXCELLENT swimming for us to enjoy. With the nippers eventually smashing over 550secs of their combined times and sharing 35 medals between there was a huge amount to smile about. But what gave us all the most pride was the fact that we didn't receive A SINGLE DQ for ANY of our swimmers for the ENTIRE weekend!! Now anyone that has ever been to the Wirral galas knows that there really is no quarter given regardless of age or ability and the judges are extremely....... law abiding when dishing out judgement!! The kids should feel immensely proud of the fact that they never once as a team gave the judges a decision to make. A huge well done to the entire team for that one
Onto what is becoming my least favorite part of these reports,  the swimmers of the gala. We are very lucky at the moment that we have so many kids that enjoy competing. Turning up at a manky pool in deepest darkest Birkenhead on a MISERABLE Sunday morning with an enthusiasm that is so contagious it even manages to drag us coaches out of our mire. Everyone of them gives 100% even if they're not tiptop and it is ridiculous to try and pick a "Top Swimmers" from a pack of so many great kids. Every swimmer in a blue hat was amazing this weekend! Everyone of them hit PB's, everyone of them was an absolute nightmare to the judges at the lane ends with huge support and noise for our swimmers in the pool and finally EVERYONE of them was absolute credit to their club with their behavior on and around the pool......we even picked up our very own pregnant lady!!!!!
Anyway, with that said............. we'll start with lads as this one was a little easier. As ever this lad was outstanding all through the weekend winning gold medal after gold medal. Needless to say he was destroying his own PBs race after race after race. In some of his heats, he was that far ahead of his own age group that he was racing against lads 3-4yrs older than him.....AND beating them!! It may have been a little closer if Will Irvine swam all weekend as he was having another fantastic weekend. But dispite a  great challenge from Oliver Lambert, this weekends lads swimmer of the gala was super Ethan Kelly. Moving onto the girls we had it a little harder. With so many girls swimming so well we had so many to choose from. We had a fantastic return to PB form for Lucy Chellew. We had the consistent excellent swims from Freya Doran. Not to mention the great distance swims from Sam Harrington. But for all the coaches there were two swimmers that stood put a little more than the rest. We had 2 girls that where constantly smashing through PBs,  taking medals and achieving  incredibly difficult Regional Qualification Times. First off our Jnr Captain Maisie Stevens has been struggling a little for the last few galas and not hitting PBs or getting anywhere near the times she was hoping for or anywhere near the medal table. Nevertheless she NEVER lost confidence in herself and ALWAYS kept going hard in training and always believed she'd get there.......and didnt she just get there!! Medal after medal and PB after PB and more impressive was the regional time that Maisie has been chasing was finally achieved. Amazing Maisie,  keep it up!! Our next swimmer was the most amazing swimmer in the world EVER!!! Our Millie has been struggling at individual galas for the last few months and had lost any confidence that she could start push forward. But a move of squad and a new found confidence has helped push Millie on. Over the last few weeks you can see a change in attitude and it all came good at the weekend with Millie finally breaking PB after PB after PB and most importantly for millie she managed 5 regional times that have ben JUST out of reach for the last few  weeks.  Well done Millie Griffiths  you where amazing!!! 

Madison Rens


The always fantastic Madison Rens has managed to top even her own season by being picked to compete in this weekends ESSA(English Schools Swimming Association) championships taking place at Ponds Forge Sheffield. Well done Maddy, as ever AMAZING!!

M&D R2 - Prescott

Yet again the kids where amazing. In a gala with  few of our normal squad members absent and only a SINGLE open gents swimmer available, we dipped a little deeper into our squad than normal and pulled a few surprise selections and a few surprise race choices. Not a single swimmer looked out of place for us on the day which is definitely not a luxury we have always had!!!

As ever we started with the 10-11yr medley teams. Any nerves that the team where feeling were very quickly put away with excellent wins from BOTH the boys and girls, with a mention going to both our backstrokers who each set the tone with great swims to get us going so well done to both Freya Doran and Aidan Kearney. Our 12-13yr teams came in next and both had excellent races finishing in a very comfortable first place and a very unlucky 3rd place for the boys. This time the special mentions go to Aahana Manglam for a brilliant fly stoke leg that really pushed the lead and debutant Joe Wake for a excellent freestyle finish! Up next where the 14-15yr teams.  With Sianna Rens starting well for the girls and passing onto Holly Cooper the breaststroke leg we where always pushing at the top. Holly handed over to always impressive Madison Rens for the fly and again we where well in contention as Sam Harrington dove In for the run into the wall. You could have threw a wet towel over the top 2 teams ...... bit this time we didnt get it and the girls walked away with a BRILLIANT second place. We moved onto to the boys and this was what we thought was one of our most affected teams....WE WERE WRONG!!! the lads absolutely smashed it!! Mathew Blackburn started the lads off and gave them a slender lead in the backstroke passing off to Jake Steven's in the breaststroke, next in was George Spence who again opened up the lead a little bit more just leaving Olivier Turner-Bone to run in a crushing victory!! Well done lads....I really didnt see that one coming. Last up was our open age swimmers and a victory I did see coming was in the ladies event and yet again they did not disappoint! The girls just kept pushing on with their lead with the end of each stroke. Special mention must go to club captain Chloe Quarton who managed to finish even though she assured us that she was knackered!! Next up was the lads. This was definitely our MOST affected team.  With only 1 open age swimmer available we had to pick from our lower age groups to fill the gaps. The lads where amazing nonetheless and still managed to pull out a 4th place finish. Special mention this time must go Joe Cameron-Mansour who pushed all the way home in a excellent race. After that fantastic start we moved in with Meave Bunclark and Oscat Donnelly for the 10-11yrs freestyle race. This is always a hotly contested event and this one was no different!! But our 2 little stars never let us down coming In a very close 3rd for Maeve and and a 2nd place for Oscar. Our 11-13 yr backstrokers where up next and with Madison Rens up for the girls we thought she would have her usual stroll to the finish line and all though she did come away with the win(obvs) she was chased all the way by the girl in the next lane who managed to keep pace with maddy right through till the end. Up for the boys was Sean Flanagan and with some very stiff competition in the pool he gave them all a great race and came in a fantastic 3rd place. Our 14-15yr breaststroke teams where in next with Holly Cooper leading the charge for the girls. As ever holly started off a little slow but when she gets into her stride she can give anyone a race and this time was no different with holly JUST being pipped into 2nd place. Up for the boys was Caleb Griffiths.......Caleb won ..........Caleb won by A LOT!!! Our open age butterfly team where next into the pool and Lottie Rens was amazing in her 1st place as usual. Up for the boys was our first open age stand in and George Spence made an incredible start as he was coming into the wall he was comfortably in the leading 3 swimmers,  but as he made his turn for the return leg ........ to be honest I've got no idea!!! George seemed to lose his sense of direction and hesitated?!?! It was enough to steal the points from George and he couldn't make up the time..... Unlucky mate, keep working on those turns and well smash it next time!! The 10-11yrs backstroke team where next in the water and Freya Doran was up for the girls another great performance saw her finish in 3rd place but not to be outdone Aidan Kearney went 1 better and finished in an incredible 2nd position!! Our always confident 12-13yr breaststroke teams where up next and with excellent swims from both Ethan Kelly and our jnr girl captain Maisie Stevens we came away with 2 second place finishes. Our 14-15yrs butterfly swimmers where up next and lining up for the girls was Sam Harrington. After a great start Sam found herself in right up with the leaders and turned in third place. After the transition it looked as though Sam would have to settle for third as it looked like the other girls has just pulled ahead and where bearing down on the wall. But from nowhere Sam found an extra gear and started to catch up the front runners. By the time they reached the 12m mark sam had passed the girl in second place and was dragging the leader back with every stroke. As they came under flags it was almost stroke for stroke but in the end it was a little to much and sam claimed an amazing 2nd place worh a fantastic 25m swim . Up next for the boys was George Spence. If he was felling ANY nerves from his previous race he absolutely didnt show it. From start to turn to transition to finish George smashed it and came away with a well deserved first place. Our open age 100m freestyle team was up next. Lottie Rens was up first for the ladies and again she cruised to a good win really pushing for the last length to top off a great performance. Joe Cameron-Mansour stepped up for the lads and had a good swim for Crosby although the lack of pool time showed in his final length. Our always excellent 10-11yr breaststroke team was up next and Mya Laycock stepped up for the girls. Not her greatest start to a race that I've ever seen, but that was just about  the only thing that she got wrong in this race!! Mya came up off the dive in about 4th place but by the time they hit the halfway mark she had already made up one position. She pushed all the to the turn where she passed the girl in 3rd place. As the leading pack started to pull away Mya chased down and passed into second place leaving the final run to the finish. As the two leaders passed under the flag Mya was catching with every stroke but on the the JUST missed out on an incredible comeback but still managed to claim an amazing 2nd place. Up for the boys was Will Irvine and yet again the always dependable Will smashed his competition and gave Crosby another win. The points where announced after 25 events and 2 teams had started to pull away from the pack. In 2nd place was Prescott on 115 pts but leading the way was Crosby on 117 pts!!! Madison Rens and James Rogers where in the pool next for the 12-13yr butterfly race. Again another good win for maddy but she was given a good race this time by the girls from Prescott in the next lane. In for the boys was James Rogers and another good race from James saw him finish in a 5th place dispite a great swim. Yet again at the finish you could have threw a wet towel over all the lads on this one hames was just unlucky not to get there in the end! The 14-15yr 50m freestyle team was up next and this time it was Sam Harrington in the pool. It looked like she was carrying all the confidence from the fly race into this one as from the moment she dove in till the second she hit the wall she dominated the race with an outstanding win!! Up for the boys was Caleb Griffiths and again Caleb won with a great performance. Onto the open 100m backstroke race and Sianna Rens was representing for the ladies. Yet again Sianna was brilliant and pushed all the way to the end for a great victory for Crosby, but  it didnt come easy with Prescott pushing all the way! In for the gents was Joe Cameron-Mansour and again Joe pushed hard all the way through the race and again had a great swim but there definitely more to come from Joe when we can manage to get him back to fighting weight!!!!! In next for the final round of races was our 10-11yrs butterfly teams and with victory for both Eva Holt and Will Irvine we started off well. They passed on the pool to our 12-13yr freestyle teams and with Aahana Manglam up for the girls the we had a good chance to keep our good form going and our faith was well rewarded with Aahana bringing in a excellent 2nd place. Up for the boys was Ethan Kelly and I was immediately thinking.....nailed it!!! After the dive I looked as they all broke out and looking at Ethan I almost had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. My star man had let me down!!!!! But hang on he was coming back!! After coming out of his dive and breakout in 4th place he was starting to chase the leaders down. By the time that they turned for the home stretch Ethan had made up a lot of ground and on his turn and transition he passed into third place. By halfway he'd passed the lad in second and was bearing down on the leader. As they came under the flags Ethan had only gone and caught him,then it was just a case of who had the most in the tank for  sprint to the end......and we all know who that was the other lad...... nar only kidding. Ethan managed to pull the win from nowhere!!! Well done mate EXCELLENT race!!!! Trying to follow that was our 14-15yr backstroke team with Sianna Rens and Mathew Blackburn and they didnt let us down!!! Both had amazing races and both managed to finish in second place. Our final set of individuals went to the open age 100m breaststroke teams. Emily Spence got us going and managed to come away with a victory but again, she didnt have it all her own way with the lady from Prescott pushing her with EVERY lap! I think it took a sneaky look and a turn of pace at the last turn to really cement that win!! Caleb Griffiths was up next for the lads and this time he did have a race on his hands. With against National Champion lining up in the Bridgefield lane he was not going to take this victory easily!!!! They both dived in and after the breakout Caleb found himself chasing the leader down and sure enough by the time they hit the wall for the first turn Caleb had took a slight lead. As they both turned and entered their transition Caleb again found himself chasing the leader but again by the turn he has took a slight lead . This pattern repeated for EVERY length right up till the last run to the wall. As Caleb caught the leader stroke for stroke unfortunately this time he JUST ran out of pool. IAnother incredible performance by Caleb was rewarded with a BRILLIANT second place! With the points announced before we moved into the final relays we had managed to put a 5 point gap between ourselves and Prescott with Crosby hitting 177pts and Prescott trailing us in 172pts. Our 10-11yr freestyle teams where up first with the girls getting us off to a flyer with a good 2nd place finish. Not to be outdone the boys made it one better and crashed on a very commanding win with Archie Weindling really hitting his stride in his first M&D. Up next where 12-13yr freestyle team and again the girls where unbelievable and Millie Griffiths and Maisie Stevens capping off another fantastic win with unbelievable swims. The boys swam next and again another great swim from the lads gave us an excellent 2nd place with another debutant in Joe Wake having an excellent swim. Moving onto the 14-15yr freestyle teams, the amazing girls team where up next and again the girls managed to give us another great win. This time it was Joe's sister Elizabeth Wake that stole the show. With the lads up next and to be honest, the surprise team performers on the day.....they only went and SMASHED it again. Oliver Turner-Bone lead from the front with this one and gave the lads something to build on, to be honest every lad on that team was BRILLIANT all day!! Our final relay as ever went to our open age team. Our ladies team is turning into a bit of a head turner at the minute, and I cant personally remember it ever being THIS strong. Needless to say the girls came away with a good win but again the girls where pushed all the way with Prescott giving them a good race. The boys where up next and with a team made up from ALL 14-15yr boys the lads where brilliant again coming away with a good 4th place with Mathew Blackburn having a good swim this time. Onto the cannons andI can tell you this, these definitely weren't as much fun when we were getting battered......funny that isn't it?!?! Up first where our amazing girls team. There really isn't an awful lot that I can say other than THEY SMASHED IT!!!! From Freya Doran diving in to start us off right the way through to Emily Spence crashing into the wall at the end, the girls absolutely NAILED IT!! Finally in was the boys. This is another group that has grown and grown into quite a team and they started off fantastic. The entire race was literally nip and tuck throughout its entire 8 lengths and as the last length was handed to Caleb with a slight lead you can understand mine and calebs confusion when the lad in the next lane was already off and swimming before Caleb!! After that there was no catching them and we had to settle for a very dubious 2nd place. Nonetheless with the way the team performed right through we were confident that we had done enough. So as the points where announced you can imagine my surprise when the points where announced we had just been pipped to second place by Prescott

1st  Prescott - 233pts
2nd CROSBY - 232pts
3rd Bridgefield - 199pts
4th Penguins - 160pts
5th Bootle - 120pts
6th Warrington -

A huge well done to everyone and im sure we can go 1 better for the next one!!!

On to our swimmers of the event and I'm almost getting sick of saying how hard this is getting with all the great swimmers we have had but with this being a great problem to have I will continue to say it. When you have swimmers like Caleb and Madison to compete against in the oder ages or Ethan, Will and Maeve in the younger age groups you know that these kids have really stood out!! So this time for the girls, it is a girl that over the last few events has really started to show some excellent form and is always up for the challenge of whatever race and whatever age group we throw her at!! She was amazing in both of her individual swims and was part of 2 great relay teams AND part of the fantastic canon team. So a huge well done goes to
Sam Harrington, you where absolutely BRILLIANT all afternoon!!! For the lads this one has come straight out of nowhere.......well has it??? Over the last few months this lad has really pushed on and has really been pushing and giving his all at training and this all really came together at the gala on Sunday. Jake Stevens fantastic from start to finish and really blew the coaches away with his attitude and swimming all day. Well done Jake you where amazing and all that hard work paid off, keep it up!! 

Lancashire County Championships

Session 9&10


We started the weekends events with the girls 50m breaststroke. An event in which we are always well represented and this year was no different and our first swimmer was Maeve Bunclark hoping to continue her good form from her previous visit to Manchester. After a great start Maeve produced an excellent PB and another great swim. Aahana Manglam was up next and had her BEST swim of the championships so far and smashed almost 2secs of her LC PB!!! Holly Cooper and Lucy McKenzie were up next for Crosby and with both swimmers in great form they both swam excellent races with Holly Cooper winning a great heat and narrowly missing out on a place in the final. Madison Rens swam last and again was in impressive form, qualifying in first place for for her final. The lads had their 200m freestyle next and Ethan Kelly was first out for Crosby. Ethan had an amazing swim from start to finish and was well rewarded with a huge PB and a BRONZE medal for his efforts. Next up was Sean Flanagan and again Sean swam great and also picked up a great PB! Finally for the boys was Caleb Griffiths and again another good swim. With the girls 1500m installed inexplicably between the the 200 free and the breaststroke final........we had some time to kill. So we played a thrilling game of hide and seek then we played off ground tic then we played British Bulldogs then we played Yahtzee. After all that, we looked over to see how the swimming was going .......we were only halfway thru the 1st heat!!!! Haha

Madison's final was soon up and as ever with the breaststroke Madison was amazing!!! Not only did she hit an INCREDIBLE 35sec(.....another PB!!) but as hoped, added another GOLD medal to her tally!!! 

With din dins out the way and literally every male swimmer in Lancashire competing in the 50 freestyle, Nicolas Castineria was first up for Crosby. Nic managed to produce another amazing performance and another fantastic PB to get the afternoon session off to a flyer. We were again well represent in this event so didn't have a long wait for Will Irvine to step up. A great swim from will was rewarded with a place in the final. Steven McKenzie was next into the pool and completed a great swim. Coming thick and fast Ethan Kelly was next. Yet again Ethan smashed his LC PB and even more impressive his SC PB in the process! With another good swim Sean Flanagan in the next heat we were done with our jnr swimmers and were just waiting for the big lads. Up first was the ever improving Mathew Blackburn competing at his very first Lancs event. If he had any nerves, then he certainly didn't let them show as he cruised to an excellent PB. Well done Mathew. Joe Cameron-Mansour was up next and with another season interrupted with exam prep, joe nonetheless pulled out a fantastic swim!!! Another good swim from Caleb Griffiths followed and we were starting to come to the end. Luke Suarez and Harvey Martin where up next and both had brilliant swim achieving fantastic PBs. With the girls 100m backstroke rounding off the day we had another good showing from the black hats of Crosby! Millie Griffiths got the show on the road with an amazing12sec LC PB!! Huge well done Millie. Up next were Holly Cooper and Lucy McKenzie and both managed excellent swims almost hitting their own PBs. Aahana Manglam was next and wit a very strong swim achieved a PB. Our final swimmer was Sianna Rens but she certainly made the wait worthwhile!!. Sianna was amazing from the moment she dove in till she touched the board for a last place heat win, an excellent 2sec PB and a lane 4 position for the final. Moving straight to the final we had only managed 1 finalist this time but Sianna was well worth her place. Sianna had an excellent start and transition off the block coming up just before the15m mark. With 3 girls pushing to the turn Sianna turned in 2nd place for the 50. Then it was then a 3 girls race to the finish. The race lead was changing with every stroke up to the at the 75m mark,but just when you thought Sianna had just been pushed out she found a bit of something and kicked on past the flags. The end was so close that the 3 girls all finished within .5secs of each other Luckily for us it was Sianna that came away with the gold medal and another PB to win an amazing race!!! Will Irvine was our first gent competing in the 50m freestyle final and entering the race in 6th position. In a 50m race anyone can win from ANYWHERE!!!......well, apart from that nutter that can do 28secs as an 11yr old......sorry Will your not beating him!! And almost proved true as will produced another amazing PB and finished just outside the medals in 4th place!! Unlucky mate. Next to swim was the always super duper Ethan Kelly and the performance was never in doubt. Ethan yet again produced a PB worthy performance........but just finished outside the medals with another 4th place!! 


Session 11&12


On the final day of competition we welcomed the lads back into the pool for the first event and as was fast becoming the norm there were plenty of Crosby black hats in the pool. Out first for Crosby in the 50m breaststroke was Nicholas Castineria. To be honest I thought he'd got it all wrong after the dive....where I was stood, it just didn't look good!! But as ever with Nic he has a habit of pulling it all out when it matters and I couldn't have been MORE wrong on my initial thoughts! Nic SMASHED through his PB and into the final with a great swim and was only beaten into second place by Will Irvine who was up next with Steven McKenzie. Another great swim for both these lads produced great PB and yet again for Will a lane 4 start in the final. With Ethan Kelly up to be honest......already knew he'd smash his PB and CRASH into the final.......and he did just that! Caleb Griffiths came next and another good performance gave him a PB and a place in the final. Harvey Martin finished the event for Crosby and with a time LC he must have got when he was 13 he also managed a great PB. The ladies where back into the pool next for the 200m freestyle and with Rebekah Duncan and Sam Harrington both producing fantastic PBs in their events we where just waiting for the always impressive Madison Rens. As ever maddy didnt fail to deliver and produced yet another GOLD medal winning performance to wrap up her mornings work!!! With the lads 800m freestyle next........seriously need to have a quite word on the schedule of events for next year!! We still had a bit of spare time to kill before the lads 50m breaststroke final.... so it was back to the Yahtzee board!!! I beat EVERYONE at Yahtzee just in time for the 1st 50m breaststroke final and we quickly Hurried Nicolas Castineria and Will Irvine down to take up their positions as the fastest 2 qualifiers. They both got of to great starts and at the halfway stage Nic just had the edge over all the other competitors. Will and the pack were hot on his heels and chasing him down stroke for stroke !!! Under the flags it was still anyone's race and as they touched I was convinced that Nic had just popped Will to an amazing 2nd place finish but as I turned to the board it was the other way around. Will had managed to make up the ground in the final few strokes and just get the wall first. An amazing race ended up with a SILVER for Will and an amazing BRONZE and PB for Nic. Ethan Kelly was just getting over his loss at the Yahtzee board as he stepped onto the blocks for his final and it looked like he focused that disappointment into his race!! From the moment he dove in Ethan was flying and he didn't let up till he smashed into the wall at the other end picking up and amazing SILVER medal and another PB in the process. Caleb Griffiths was our final swimmer of the morning session and despite producing another PB for the final he just couldn't push for a medal place. We moved into the final session of the entire championship and to be honest.... it was just about time!!! Just like the boys event the previous day it was almost like every girls in Lancashire had qualified for the 50 freestyle certainly looked like that in the warm up pool!! But no, silly me......there was only 316 girls!!! With us featuring heavily it was well worth a watch. Tilly Steven's was first up and despite a niggling hip injury that has limited her training and preparation for Lancs, pushed her way to an amazing PB and and heat win. Maeve Bunclark was next up and again produced an amazing performance that was rewarded with yet another PB and a place in the final. Millie Griffiths was next and the promise of a new race skin if she managed a regional qualifying time propelled her onto a excellent PB........and new race skin......bummer!!!! Haha, well done moo!!! Aahana Manglam was next up and finished off a great championships and narrowly missed out on her own PB. Sam Harrington and Sianna Rens were both up next and again produced fantastic swims and PB's to round off excellent weekends in the pool. Finishing the Crosby involvement was Madison Rens and yet again an amazing performance was rewarded with a place in the final. Moving swiftly on to the final boys event we had 3 lads competing in the 100m backstroke. Will Irvine was up for Crosby again and with another fantastic swim......starting to look as though Will has sorted out those pesky turns!...... and another PB he cruised into the final with a huge heat victory. Next up was Sean Flanagan and another great swim and PB saw him into the finals. Finally for the lads was Caleb Griffiths and yet again we managed another place in the final. So 3 out of 3 swimmers managed a final position and all looked capable of potential medal positions!! With us having no swimmers competing in the 200 fly our lads were able to have a good rest before the 100m backstroke final Will Irvine was up first and he got off to a great start. 3 lads immediately started to pull away and Will was right there as they turned for the final 50 one lad had really started to pull away but Will kept the pressure on from the rear and was constantly chasing. As they moved into the final 25m 2 of the lads had pulled away from Will and where fighting for the winning touch. In the end Will capped off an AMAZING Lancs with a well earned BRONZE medal to add to a pretty impressive haul. Well done Will!!! There are some absolute monsters in your age group but I'm sure you'll get them next year. Following on from Will was Sean Flanagan and another great start saw Sean right up with the pack but as they turned into the final 50m we just saw a few of the lads start to pull away down the final straight. Even still, Sean kept pace well inside the chasing pack and was in the hunt tight to the end. Last up for the boys was Caleb Griffiths and a great start saw Caleb leading at the the 25m mark. Unfortunately Caleb was unable to capitalise on his start and as the pack turned he found himself down in 4th position. Caleb was able to maintain that position all the way to the end despite the pack chasing coming up strong at the end. Our final event saw one of the Crosby starlets taking to another final in a brand new competition skin..... Well done dad/nan, not sure what deal was struck there but I'm sure Maeve got the best out of it??? Maeve Bunclark took the blocks for the final time in this competition and when the whistle blew she made a fantastic start. Unfortunately this time Maeve was up against some unbelievably quick swimmers and just wasn't able to pull them in. Well done Maeve, you have been amazing throughout the entire competition and you didn't even ask once when you can go!!! Haha. Our final finalist was the amazing Madison Rens and yet again it was a final well worth waiting for. Madison and Lisa are developing a great friendship outside the pool but I can tell you now, that friendship ends on the starting block and gives us some of the most exciting races of the event and again this one was no different!! From the moment they dove in the pair of them where neck and neck and stroke for stroke. Even as they came under the flags for the last dash to the end it could still have gone to either.......but this time it went to Lisa. Another fantastic race ended in another fantastic SILVER medal for Madie to add to her amazing haul.


We also had some of our new recruits swimming at the weekend but they all had different hats on so I've not added them to this report. But all of them still swam amazing. So a quick mention needs to go to Trudy, Casey and Tyler Delaney on some amazing swims. Also we had Lexi and Elise Bruns there with a special mention going to Elise for an amazing swim in the 200 fly. Dispite not training as much recently she still managed an incredible time and was SO close to hitting her PB. Well done Elise!!! Also I need to give a shout out to Trudie and Lexi.......just for being nuts and keeping me entertained!!

Onto the swimmer of the event and I dont think that there can be any doubt about the girls top swimmer. Dispite being run close by Miss Bunclark for an amazing showing in her debut lancs I'm sure everyone will agree that Madison Rens deserves the honor this time. She was amazing in every event that she competed in and brings home a huge haul of medals to show for all her efforts. Yet again, well done Mady you were honestly amazing!!! 

Onto the boys. Now this one is a bit different as I truly can't pick a single lad that was stand out better than every other lad swimming in a Crosby hat. It was almost 3 lads with the way Nicolas Castineria swam but I just managed to whittle it down to 2 . It's a good job these 2 are good mates otherwise we'd be having bust ups with them every 5 mins as the competion is so close. Will Irvine and Ethan Kelly are both truly exceptional swimmers and it's getting harder for us to choose a swimmer of the event with those two. Well done gents, yet again you where both amazing......but I'd keep your eye on that Nic bloke!!! 


Finally....I've said it before and I'll say it again. EVERY swimmer that managed to get to lancs should without a shadow of a doubt feel huge pride in the achievement. This event is swam at an incredible level and we have the some of VERY best swimmers in the country competing in ALL age groups.

Also all the swimmers back at club that push each other along to bigger and better achievements all play a huge part in everyone's success. We are not a big club BUT we are a VERY COMPETITIVE club that trys to push its swimmers onto their best efforts......all while playing off ground tic and Yahtzee!! So a massive well done goes to all those at Crosby for all your efforts pushing these swimmers to their best!!

Next year it might be you????

Session 5 & 6

We were well represent this weekend with over 17 kids competing in 12 different events. We started off with with the girls 50m back stroke event and we had 4 girls competing. Millie Griffiths was first out for Crosby and managed a fantastic PB. She was  followed into the water by Lucy McKenzie and Aahana Manglam who both posted fantastic times. With Sianna Rens swimming last we had our first finalist for the morning session. With 23 100m freestyle heats to relish we could hardly wait for all te fun to begin!!! Luckily we did have a few kids who had entered to keep us interested and Ethan Kelly as ever was brilliant. He produced another PB which comfortably took him onto his final in 4th place. Next up was Caleb Griffiths and Harvey Martin who both had a good swims and were both unlucky not to get final places.  The ladies 200m IM was up next and we had another good showing from Crosby. Rebekah Duncan was up first and and put on a great swim with her breaststroke looking much improved. Hollie Cooper was up next and swam great in her fly, back and breaststroke legs but I think we know we got a bit of work on Hollies LEAST favorite stroke over the next few weeks. Sianna Rens was next in and had another good swim and finally Madison Rens stole the show with her first GOLD medal swim of the tournament, not last I suspect!!!! Then it was onto the first finals of the weekend and Ethan Kelly was up first with the 100m freestyle race. It was a close race from start to finish but Ethan just didn't have enough in the last 25m and finished just outside the medal position. Unlucky Ethan!! Sianna Rens was our closing performer of the morning but it was worth the wait for the 50m backstroke. After a fantastic start from Sianna,  she was right up in medal contention right up to the flags. As they all touched practically together it was impossible to guess the winner. Unfortunately this time Sianna was edged out of the medals and finished in an amazing 4th place!!......then it was dinner
After dinner we welcomed Maeve Bunclark for her first event in her first Lancs championships and she didnt even get a chance to ask when race was.......because it was RIGHT NOW!! If Maeve was nervous she showed NO signs of it as she hit a great PB and a place in the final. Not to be out done Millie Griffiths was next out and followed up with a PB of her own. We had a good showing for the 50m fly and with Aahana Manglam, Sam Harrington  and Sianna Rens also racing in Crosby black and gold we were very well represented. The lads were called back into action with the 100m breaststroke. Again plenty of swimmers for us all to get behind. With a great start from Steven McKenzie setting the tone for the rest of the lads and JUST missing a place on the final, we really pushed on! In the next race Will Irvine smashed his PB in style and booked a place in the final followed closely by Ethan Kelly AND Caleb Griffiths with 3 lads in 3 age group 100m breaststroke finals all qualifying in the top 3 positions, we really where looking good in the final and didn't ALL the lads deliver!!! First out in the most exciting final I've watched for a while was Will Irvine. As ever Will pushed to a comfortable lead  and was looking good for a easy win at the 50m turn. Whether Will took his foot off or the the other lad put on the afterburners I'll never know  but by the 25m Will had a race on his hands!!! As they pulled toward the flags it really starting to get interesting as stroke for stroke the lad seemed to be gaining. But it just was enough and Will came away with an excellent GOLD medal. He informed his dad later on that he was well aware of where the other lad was and he had it well sorted.......thanks for that mate!!! Next up was Ethan Kelly and as per usual Ethan smashed it! He took his race a little easier than Will and was a little way back on the 50m turn. He dug deep and started pushing and by the last 25m he was flying. If the final was 110m he would have got the big prize but this time he had to settle for an amazing BRONZE instead. Last up for the lads was Caleb Griffiths and competing in an event he hasn't raced in for quite some time, so he wasn't overly confident on how he would perform. But as ever there was no need to worry. In a race which included a National breaststroke finalist it was  neck and neck between three of them right until the end when the one lad JUST started to put a little breathing space between them leaving Caleb to claim an amazing BRONZE medal with the other.....other lad just pipping him to second place. Last but certainly not least was Maeve Bunclark in the 50m butterfly final and again if there was any signs of nerves she didn't show it. She was fast off the block and quickly into her stroke keeping pace with all the other swimmers again. You literally could have through a blanket over all 8 positions for this final, but this time it didn't fall Meave and she had to settle for an excellent race!!
Well done to everyone, you where all amazing in a tough day of competition and looked amazing on your NEW black Crosby hats!!

Session 7 & 8

First out was Caleb Griffiths in the 50m backstroke. Caleb ran a great race and managed to qualify for the finals. Next up was was the ladies 100m freestyle and with roughly 1,000000 heats we all strapped ourselves for the ride. Luckily we were well represent so there was enough to keep us interested. First up was Aahana Manglam in heat 5 who managed to post an excellent PB. Next up was Rebekah Duncan and all through the race Becs looked very strong and pushed the other swimmers all the way posting her own 2sec PB in the process. Next it was Samantha Harrington in heat 14 and she also managed her own PB. But with Sianna Rens all the way up in heat 21 we had to wait a bit for our next entrant but again we were rewarded with another great swim and PB. Our final swimmer was the always impressive Madison Rens and yet again it was another fantastic swim that took her into a final. The lads 200m I.M was up next and we had 2 of our young lads up. With Will Irvine in first he ran an excellent race, really pulling away on his back and breaststroke legs but giving up some of his advantage on the freestyle leg. All his hard work was rewarded with a very well deserved SILVER medal. Well done Will. Next we had Ethan Kelly up for the 12yr lads and as usual Ethan was brilliant right through his race and picked up a well earned BRONZE medal. With both lads hitting PB's these were both fantastic swims!! Closing the session with the finals, we had two strong medal chances with Madison Rens and Caleb Griffiths pulling on their black and gold hats. Madison was up first and with her long time rival in the lane next to her she pushed all the way to the end and came away with a SILVER medal and fantastic PB. Caleb was up next and with a new routine for when his name was announced (....... divy!!!!haha) he managed also managed an incredible SILVER medal and PB......then it was dinner!!!
After din dins it was back into action for our lads in the 50m butterfly. Again we were well represent with Nicolas Castineria kicking us off well with a very confident swim that saw him finish first in his heat post a great PB AND earn a spot in the final. Well done Nic!!! Next in was the all new dynamic duo ( not sure who's Batman and who's Robin???) and Will Irvine and Ethan Kelly were again amazing, both posting PB's and earning spots in the final. We had to wait till the 18th heat for our next competitor and old man Harvey Martin blew off his cobwebs and produced an amazing performance which saw him smash his PB and hit an incredible time of 27.60!!! Last but not least was Caleb Griffiths who again ran a great race and managed to qualify for the final. The ladies 100m breaststroke was next and again we where well represent. First up was our girls jnr captain Maisie Stevens, who is chasing her regional time. She was very unlucky to just miss out despite hitting a PB. Still VERY EARLY in the long course  season so I'm sure she'll get it!!! Next in where Lucy McKenzie and Aahana Manglam and both ran great races. Next up was Holly Cooper and as ever Holly kept us guessing right to the end. At the 50m turn holly was why back in the heat and we all thought that she had blew it, but true to form she kicked into high gear and started to reel the field in with every stroke. It was right down to last stroke but Holly managed to claim a hard earned heat win, NARROWLY missing out on a place in the final. Our final swimmer was Madison Rens and again she proved her quality with a great race and a lane 4 position for the final!! Up next was the 400m free ........oooooh the 400m freestyle......nothing like 2hrs of freestyle to really get the kids motivated for a final like sitting around for an age waiting for the 400m freestyle to finish!!!! Anyway at least we had a nipper in one of the heats to keep us awake. Sean Flanagan was this lucky lad. I think Sean wasn't happy with his performance and he reckons he can push it a bit harder, he definitely seemed to have a fair bit left in the tank as was coming into the final stretch. Nonetheless he managed a long course PB and a bit of experience for the next one. Getting to the finals, we had Madison Rens up first in the 100m breaststroke and to say she made it look easy would be a complete understatement!!! Madison absolutely cruised to victory leaving EVERYONE in her wake for this GOLD medal performance!! Unbelievable performance Maddy!! Next up for Crosby was our young lads in the 50m fly final. Yet again we where well represent across the ages with 4 different lads competing with Crosby hats on! With Nicolas Castineria and Will Irvine in the race we would always have  a chance of a medal, but with the competition at lancs being SO high it would always be tough. And this time it was just a little bit to tough with Will just outside the medals in fourth and Nic following just behind. Unlucky lads!!! Next up was Ethan Kelly and again he was BRILLIANT. Yet again Ethan hit a great PB....... but just missed out on a medal place!!! With the first 5 places being separated by less than 1sec you know it was a great race!!!! Last but not least( I could ALMOST taste my first gin at this point!!!) was Caleb Griffiths. Forgoing his theatrical announcement this time( think Sianna told him off?!?!) He reverted to his tried and tested looking dazed and confused..... and NAILED IT!!! Up against some incredible competition in the race, it was always going to be a big ask to come away with a medal. But from the dive he put himself in with a fantastic chance. He drove on right through and top three  started to pull away. As they moved under the flags it was still anyone's race and as they touched Caleb came away with a BRONZE medal. Amazing performance again Caleb and starting to get closer to those PB's again!!

No top swimmer this time, Just a message from all the coaches

As all of the coaches tell the kids. The level of competition at the Lancashire County Championships is ridiculously high. All the kids will be racing against National Championships swimmers, finalist and medal winners and so should take a huge amount of pride in not only getting to that standard but competing brilliantly and continually posting PB after PB!!! . 

Southport Shrimps Gala

As this is traditionally a gala that Brian uses to have a look at some of our new swimmers and swimmers that have been swimming really well at training we welcomed a huge number of new kid to poolside. Funnily enough there wasn't too many nerves but lots of smiles and excitement......I can only but that down to some excellent work by the coaches getting the kids prepared???? Haha
We started the the the gala with the 9yr freestyle relay and 2 brand new straight out the wrapper swimmers but young Keshav Harve and Toby Dwyer showed no nerves as as they supported our seasoned veterans in Archie Weindling and Joshua Ashcroft and storming to the a VERY close win( I'm giving them it!!)we set a great tone for the other swimmers and we weren't left disappointed by the girls who really left everyone in their wake with a fantastic swim. So yet again it's looking we have another terrifying group of girls to keep our eye on with Annabel Irvine, Karine Crosbie, Orla Holt and Ellie Chellew all swimming brilliant. Our 10yr medley teams were next to swim and again all swam great and both managed a very good 4th placed finish with Heidi Lindley and Adam Lenahan both having great swims for their teams finishing strong in the freestyle leg. Next we moved to our 11yr breaststroke teams. We always seem to be able to produce fantastic breaststroke swimmers and this time was no exception. Both the boys and the girls managed great swim, the girls coming in 2nd and the boys outstanding with a very dominant win. With a new comer in both teams this was even more impressive. So well done to Andreas Cadavid-Valencia and Trudy Delaney for slipping straight into the teams. Our 12yr fly teams stepped up next and this time it was the girls chance to push the competition. With 2 very strong races the girls came in a fantastic 4th place and the boys came a good 6th place. A big mention must go to George Marshall and Eva Holt who were both excellent in their races. Moving back to our littleun's(tiny in some cases!! Haha) we sent our 9yr medley teams back into action. The lads where up first and young Toby decided to give the other lads in the backstroke leg a swim helping hand and swam a good 27m to their 25!!! Very charitable mate Haha. With Luke Blackburn storming the finish we managed a very close 6th place. The girls looked strong again and ran great race from start to finish. Emily Jones, in her her Crosby debut looked right at home in the opening backstroke leg and the girls pushed the race all the way and were very unlucky to to be pipped into 2nd place at the end. With the 10yr breast stroke teams next we welcomed another new swimmer, but Lewis Bell for the lads looked like he'd always been there and helped the lads to a good 4th place. With the girls in next and all excellent breaststrokers it was no surprise that we pushed a very strong Leyland team all the way and came in a very close 2nd place. From Tilly Steven's right through to Isabella Jones all the girls where brilliant. The 11yr fly teams where in the pool next and with yet another debutante in Dan Morgan the lads ran an excellent race. A strong girls team was up next and Maeve Bunclark led them to a very good 3rd place. We finally welcomed back our 12yr teams with the freestyle relay and the boys went off first. Steven McKenzie started us off and swam us into a small early lead he passed of to Josh Bradburn who managed to maintain to lead(....someone said he didn't take a breath for the entire length!!) and passed to Dyaln Marshall. The other teams had managed to make up the ground on us and when super Ethan Kelly pushed off for the final leg he managed to push us back up to 2nd place with an amazing final leg!!! The girls didn't dissapiont with their efforts and with the help of Lucy Chellew we pushed both Southport and Leyland and were a very good 3rd place finishers! The 9yrs were back next for the breaststroke race and again Archie Weindling led the line for Crosby and the lads managed a very good 4th place. The girls came next and with an amazing leg from Orla Holt pulled out a very good victory. Another debut was handed to Orpheus Goodfriend in the boys 10yrs fly relay and he helped the lads to a very good 3rd place finish which the girls team also managed to equal in their race. With the points being announced for the first time we found ourselves in 3rd place behind both Southport and leyland but managing to keep ahead of all of our local rivals. Next in was the 11yr freestyle teams and and with Oscar Donnelly finishing strongly to give the lads a well earned 2nd place it was up to the girls to keep up the momentum and with YET ANOTHER debutante in Isabella Hamer the girls cruised to an excellent 3rd place finish. Back in came our 12yr old teams for their medley relay and with Finlay Arnold drafted in for the backstroke leg they managed and 4th place finish that was yet again matched by the girls with the help of Grace Blackburn setting the pace with the backstroke leg!! Archie Weindling(the hardest working man in Crosby!!)and his team were back in action for the 9yr fly relay and were unlucky to finish 6th in a very close race. The girls stepped up and really shined this time and with the help of Ellie Chellew came in a very impressive 2nd place. For the next race we handed our next debut to Wes Phillips for the freestyle relay and with Wes's help the lads managed a very good 4th place finish. Not to be outdone, the girls, led by Tilly Steven and finished by Emily Samara pushed the competition all the way and came in a very good 3rd place! Coming towards the end of the gala the points were announced again. Although we hadn't managed to catch either Southport or Leyland we had managed to put a little more distance between ourselves and the chasing pack. With the final few races coming up the teams for the 11yr medley came up to the blocks and yet again we had new swimmers in the both the boys and girls ranks. Will Edward's stepped up for his long awaited first swim for the boys and was outstanding helping Aiden, Oliver and Nic to an impressive 2nd place. With Phoebe Brown swimming in the breaststroke leg for her debut, she passed off to the always impressive Maeve Bunclark for the fly and with Eva Duncan finishing out the freestyle leg the girls came in a brilliant 3rd place!! For the final set of relays we had the 12yr breaststroke teams out and with Ethan Kelly starting for the lads finished in a very comfortable 4th place and for the final time the girls team, helped along by the other Holt sister Eva Holt matched the lads and finished in 4th place as well. We then moved into what is becoming a very good event for Crosby and a favourite of mine. Luckily there were 3 cannon events in this gala and Crosby fielded an amazing 23 out of a possible 24 different swimmers across the 3 events!! The boys went off first with Archie Weindling setting the early pace and Keshav Harve, Sam Doran and Harry Laycock swimming excellent across the middle section and handing over to the big lads for the run in to the end. With Finlay Arnold, Nicolas Castineria and Aiden Kearney keeping us in contention it fell on the broad shoulders of Stevie Mac to try and pull out the win. It was stroke for stroke down the final length but we just didn't have enough left in the tank to pull out the win but still came in a excellent 3rd place! Next up came the girls, buoyed up by the lads performance after cheering then on from start to finish. We had Orla Holt starting for the girls with Karine Crosbie, Emily Samara and Eva Duncan finishing off the 1st half and again we were well up with the leaders all the way through. The big girls took over and where starting to eat away at the gap. Isabella Hamer took the the race to the leaders passing off to Trudy Delaney and Jess Harrington who where constantly catching with every stroke. Leaving all the pressure on Grace Ashcroft to see what she could do. Again we where catching stroke after stroke after stroke but we just run out of pool at the end and AGAIN finished 3rd in an incredible race! That left us with the mixed cannon and just when you thought our kids couldn't get any louder with cheers for their teammates they turned it all the way upto 11 as Archie Weindling swam us into a early lead passing the race to the the girls and Anabel Irvine kept up the pressure on the opposition and started to pull away. Joe Dixon, Tilly Stevens, Oscar Donnell and Maeve Bunclark all maintained our lead putting the pressure on both Ethan Kelly and Millie Griffiths. As ever the pair of them rose to the occasion and STORMED to a fantastic Crosby win!!
We waited for the scores to be announced and were very happy with the second half performance from all the kids!! Although we maintained our 3rd place position we managed to start closing the gap on the 2 teams ahead of us. With us welcoming 19 brand new swimmers into the team this performance was amazing and every swimmer should be hugely proud of all the achieved


1st - Leyland = 228pts

2nd - Southport = 221pts

3rd - Crosby = 198pts

4th - Everton = 150pts

5th - Prescott = 142pts

6th - Halton = 112pts

7th - Preston = 103pts

8th - Garston = 83pts 


Onto the swimmer of the of the event and again with so many fantastic performances it is getting harder and harder so this time we picked 2. Finlay Arnold managed to just about pip Archie Weindling for the boys spot......JUST ABOUT!!! Finlay was amazing for not only his own age group but also swam amazing when asked to swim up well done Fin and keep up the hard work!!!
For the girls it is someone that might have been in her big brothers shadow for a while but after that performance has JUMPED into the light and Anabel Irvine swam fantastic all the way through the gala but again was run very close with a fantastic Isabella Hamer performance . Well done Annabel, all the hard work at training is paying off!!

Co-Op Cup - Final

We started the day with the customary silliness with the parade of teams. Not to be outdone by any of the other teams, Crosby went all out to look ridiculous doning blue wigs and yellow tutu's to a man and women!!.  After the noise and celebration of of the of the parade our kids were impeccable in the 1min silence to remember and pay their repect to all the soldiers who had fought for the country in wars past and present. After a brilliant run to the final our kids found themselves in lane 5 sandwiched between Southport and Warriors. We started the final with a new event in the 100m IM swim and representing us for the ladies was the surprise(???) choice in captain Miaisie Stevens. Looking confident with goggles on and striking black finalists hat whilst staring into the distance we waited the starters whistle. Just before the referee passed the event to the starter maisie stepped away from the block and up stepped Madison Rens in her place!!!! BRIAN HAD PULLED A SWITCH-A-ROO!!!! It most definitely had the desired effect on the other girls as you could see their confusion and he managed to put them off their stride. As expected Maddy cruised to victory and set a time that will be hard to beat for any girls following in the coming years!! Sean Flanagan was next in the pool and was unlucky to finish 6th in a very tight race. We moved onto the 9yrs freestyle relay and we can be quite confident in the team we are building looking at these four. The kids swam really well and again were unlucky with a close run fourth place. Our 10yr medley teams came next and both our boys and girls swam good races. With Maeve Bunclark swimming well for the girls and Finlay Arnold swimming well for the boys we earned another fourth place and another first place for the boys. The 11yr old freestyle teams were up next and again we achieved another fourth and first place finish, again for the impressive boys team. With our 12yr medley teams finishing off the first round of relays we again had some very strong races and produced a second place for the girls and a brilliant third place for the boys. Moving onto the individual events we would always give anyone a race and we demonstrates that perfectly with Tilly Steven's stepping up in the 25m freestyle event. In a close race she managed a win for Crosby and then placed the torch to Joe dixon for his swim. Again another close race but this time the win fell to one of our competitors. The always reliable Freya Doran and Oscar Donnelly were up next in th 10yr 50m breaststroke and both done amazingly well in their races, particularly Oscar who's season is going from strength to strength and came in an excellent second place!! The 11yr backstroke was next and both Jess Harrington and Will Irvine where up for Crosby and both where unlucky with their seventh and fourth place finishes. The 12 yr olds were up next for their first races and with Aahama Manglam up for the girls and James Rogers representing the boys we took good second and fifth place finishes. Back in went the 9yr olds and again we have two excellent up and comers with dubutant Amy Ashcroft running in a third place and Archie Weindling coming in fourth. Well done to both!! Our 10yr backstroke teams came next and Freya Doran was again unlucky to came in in seventh place in an tight race but Will Irvine romped to a very comfortable first place.  With Millie Griffiths and Ethan Kelly up next in the 11yr fly our confidence was quite high. Unfortunately this wasnt quite the case for Millie and although she started amazingly she seemed to tire towards the end. Ethan was his usual fantastic self and managed to bring home another good win to add to our tally.  The 12yr freestyle teams were next and Madison Rens yet again swam fantastic and snagged another win. Sean Fanagan was up for the boys and up against some incredible swimmers and kept us in the points with a good sixth place finish. Our 9yr nippers were next up with the breaststroke and both Archoe Wienlding and Isabella Jones done well in their races. The 10 yr fly team was next and again we were confident in tbe kids and with Will Irvine swimming to victory and Maeve Bunclark unlucky in a close race we were doing well.  With the points being announced at the halfway stage, we found ourselves in third place on 150 points behind both Southport and Warriors. Up next was the 11yr freestyle team and Millie Griffiths put her disappointment behind her and swam into an excellent fourth place while Ethan Kelly was his usual self and came in at second place. With Madison Rens up next for the 12 yr breaststroke she was again amazing and came home with yet another win in what had been a faultless performance. Up next was Steven McKenzie for the boys and was swimming really well until he though he felt a twinge in his shoulder. He swam through and finished in  fifth place. Up for the last round of individual swims were our 9yr team and both Tilly Stevens and Joe Dixon picked up very useful third and fourth place finishes. The 10yr freestyle team was up next and again Maeve Bunclark and Oscar Donnelly were both brilliant coming in in fourth and third places. With the 11yr breaststroke teams up next Eva Holt was first up and finished came in fifth a very strong field. Next up was Steven McKenzie for the boys dispite the twinge in his shoulder from his previous race. All was going well until he was coming in for the last 15m when really felt his shoulder go. Despite this he still managed to come in on in well deserved fourth place. In our final individuals we had Aahana Manglam and Sean Flanagan in our 12 yr backstroke event. As expected both kids were amazing with a great second place for Aahana and a third for Sean we were going g well into the final set of relays . Our 9yr medley team got the ball rolling and finished in an incredible race in a well earned third place . Our 10yr freestyle teams were next a and both were amazing with the boys managing a win and the girls pulling out a strong fourth. The 11yr medley teams didn't disappoint in the next set of races. Again the girls managing a fourth place and the boys an excellent second place. A special mention absolutely MUST go to Aiden Kearney who turned up for the event as a reserve and was poolside EXACTLY  when we needed him. Due to Ste Mc's damaged shoulder in his  previous event he was unable to complete in the relay. Like Superman, up stepped Aiden and he was BRILLIANT!!! well done mate!!! Next up was the 12yr freestyle team and the always impressive girls team pulled out a fantastic win and with the boys pulling out a very good fourth place we were all set for the cannon. We are lucky enough to have an exceptional cannon teams in all our galas these days (not always the case!!!) and this time it was no different. As ever the atmosphere was electric as the first swimmer dove into the water and the noise and excitement levels grew throughout tight up until the final set of swimmers raced towards the finish line. Our kids were amazing and came in an amazing second place!!! 

1st Warriors = 310pts

2nd Southport = 300pts

3rd CROSBY = 264pts

4th Ormskirk = 223pts

5th Hoylake = 189pts

6th Prescott = 182pts

7th Halton = 171pts

8th Penguins = 116pts

In the end those big city clubs were just to strong for our kids. But the kids should take a huge amount out of how they have progressed throught the year. Not only have they manged to open up the distance between themselves and our rivals but they have also manged to close the points gap between ourselves and Southport. So all in all, it was a hugely successful run for us and the kids should feel immensely proud of all they have achieved!!

We haven't really got a swimmer of the event because yet again everyone was amazing and we are hugley proud of all the kids!! But Brian felt that it was only right that we made a special mention to ALL the kids that were named as reserves throughout the entire competition. With Orla Holt and Aiden stepping into place on the day of the final the importance of them was UNDERLINED when we had to call on Aiden Kearney to stand in for Steven Mc in the final set of relay!!


So from Brian and all the coaches 

A HUGE thank you to all the reserves that stood up in all the events!! 

I know you didn't think it at the time but you where all vital to the clubs success!!

Bring on NEXT YEAR!!!!

Arena League R2 - Connahs Quay

WOW........All's i can say is WOW!!!!

We went into the gala with a little well deserved confidence that we had earned with an excellent performance in the last round at Salford. We welcomed back a few swimmers but again we were missing some of our key squad members. so it was nice when Lotte Rens produced another dominant performance in the 200m IM. With Harvey Martin Next into the pool we always knew that we would do well and despite lining up against some absolute monsters in the lanes next to him he came in a very good 4th place. After those great displays our youngest squads took to the pool and swam some incredible races with both the boys and the girls 11yrs teams bringing home good wins in the freestyle relays. The Incredible 13yr team girls followed that with another great win in their our boys swam an excellent race but where just beaten into 3rd place in a very close race. Again we had some very close races with the next group of kids into the pool with the boys and girls 15yr freestyle teams coming in with very respectable 3rd and 4th place finishes. With our ladies and gents teams both posting excellent 3rd place finishes we finished the first batch of races in good form and with the first points tally being announced we were in a well earned 2nd place just 3 points behind Garston who where leading the event with 38 points. Millie Griffiths and Will Irvine were first in the pool for the individual and showed no nerves as they both rushed to excellent wins in the 11yr 50m backstroke races. The always impressive Madison Rens was up next and was brilliant in her 100m breast but didn't quite have the race all her own way and was chased quite hard by a few of the other racers . With Steven McKenzie taking to the pool next we knew he would have a race on his hands as their was some very strong swimmers in the lanes next to him but as ever Steven didn't let the team down and came in with a very useful 3rd place finish. Lucy McKenzie was next into the pool with the 15yr 100m Backstroke and pushed all her competitors to the end earning a very solid 3rd place finish. Tyler Delaney then came into the pool next as was brilliant fishing a very close 2nd. With both our Snr captains in the pool next for everyones favourite 100m fly race we knew we'd have to calm Chloe's nerves and promise Luke that he would be fine......needless to say they both survived and where as good as ever. I think Luke said he made a  full 15sec PB from the last time he races the 100 fly...….in 1984!!!. With the points being announced we again found ourselves trailing a VERY strong Garston team. But we had manged to cut the deficit and were only a single point behind! With Ethan Kelly and Maeve Bunclark pulling on the blue Crosby hat for the 50m 11yr Butterfly we felt sure that we could definitely make the push past Garston for the first time and SURE ENOUGH both our nippers where amazing and came in excellent 1st places. But then the 1st bit of drama for the night and we had one of our young stars DQ'ed. Maeve was devastated with the news as she had run an excellent race but she dusted herself off and got herself ready for the next time we needed her!! Sianna Rens and Sean Flanagan where next up for the 13yr 100m Backstroke and as ever a very dominant Sianna lead her race from start to finish to chalk up a solid win and with Sean coming in with a good 4th place swim we had already put the DQ behind us!! Sam Harrington and Caleb Griffiths were both up next in the 15yrs 100m Butterfly race Sam was very unlucky in this race and again the 5th place finish doesn't do justice to how close the race was . Caleb raced to victory in his race and was able to coast for the final length something I'm told that his father wasn't happy about and im told had a serious word in his ear......sounds like he needs to calm down a bit?? Sianna Rens and Tyler Delaney were both back in the pool for the open 100m backstroke event and we had one of the most exciting races of the competition so far with Sianna coming in an brilliant 2nd place . The race was neck and neck for the entire 100m with both sianna and Libby executing brilliant turns and transitions so neither as able to pull away from each other for the entire 100m !! Again another race where the final place doesn't show how close the race was and although Tyler was in the running all the way through he was beaten into 5th place in the end . Again the points were announced and somehow we had managed to lose ground on Garston who had stolen a 5point lead on us. With the EVER improving Eva Holt and always reliable Steven McKenzie up next for the 11yrs 50m breaststroke we immediately started to eat into the points difference!!  With one of our new exciting recruits Elise Bruns lining up with one of our seasoned James Rogers (….not sure James has ever been called seasoned before??) for the 13yrs 100m fly we were again confident of our chances of cutting the gap to Garston and neither disappointed. James was a good 5h place while Elise stormed to another victory for Crosby. Then we were again treated to another contender for race of the competition with Madison Rens reigniting her friendly rivalry with fellow Liverpool swimmer Holly Barden pushing each other all the way to a fantastic race with Maddie coming away with a hard fought and very well deserved win. George Spence represented the lads and came in in a very respectable 3rd place. With Emily Spencer and Suarez  stepping up for our open age 100m breaststroke we again were looking to close the gap on Garston before the next set of points were announced. Emily was up first and was chased all the way in to victory by quite a few of her fellow swimmers. Luke found his race a little more difficult and was just unable to maintain an excellent early pace and was eventually caught but still managed a good 5th place. As the points were announced we had finally started to make up ground on the leader...…….only 1 point but we took that point and it really felt like the team started to gain momentum. Millie Griffiths and Ethan Kelly again stood on the blocks for Crosby and AGAIN both stormed to fantastic wins in the 11yrs 50m freestyle. Madison Rens and Casey Delaney where both up next for the 13yrs freestyle and with a win and a 3rd place in those races we felt we must be eating away at the Garston lead. Next up for Crosby where Hollie Cooper and Caleb Griffiths in the 15yr 100m breaststroke and again they both produced amazing results. Holly coming in a very tight second and Caleb winning his we only had the open age 100m freestyle left before we went into the final round of relays. With Lotte Rens and Harvey Martin taking the final individuals we always thought we'd have a chance of closing that gap. Sure enough Lotte cruised to a fantastic victory and Harvey swam into an amazing 3rd place against some excellent competition. With the final round scores announced all the kids hard work was rewarded and we had finally pulled level with Garston!!! With the tide definitely swinging in our favour we stormed into the first set of relays and both the 11yr girls and boys Medley relay had very strong wins to settle any nerves. Next was our always impressive 13yr olds and with both the boys and the girls smashing out 1st and second place finishes in their freestyle races we knew we must be finally starting to pull away from Garston. Our 15yr Medley teams were next and with comfortable 2nd places achieved by both teams we knew we were holding our hard earned lead. We moved onto what can only be described as BEDLAM!!! the noise that all the kids and the supporters generate during the cannon events is BRILLIANT!!!! We went in first with our ladies and that team is fantastic!! We were in the running from the moment that the ref blew the starter whistle. Leg after Leg our ladies started pulling away until finally Emily Spencer ran us  into a fantastic win. With everyones eyes flicking to the Garston lane to see how they were where faring. Coming in in second place they obviously hadn't given up just yet! With the lads next we knew we would be ok and sure enough the lads done us proud coming in at a fantastic rate of knots!! After the races had got out the pool, all their was left to do was wait for the points to be tallied and announced. With Simon Donnelly pulling as much drama out the situation as he could muster(X-FACTOR beckons I think !!) He delivered the results and sure the kids had all held their nerves and pulled off an amazing fight back and win !! 

1st CROSBY  = 184pts

2nd Garston = 179pts

3rd Halton = 152pts

4th Crewe = 144pts

5th Penguins = 85pts

Well done to ALL of you. You where all amazing.

Bring on the final in a few weeks !!!

Masters National Championships

image1 (1)_edited.png

Our very own Emily Spencer was again competing in the now much feared Blue Crosby swim cap and yet again she was devasting form in her races. She was competing in the                 Masters National Championships        18 -24yr age group held at Ponds Forge Sheffield over the October 26/27th weekend. She managed an incredible haul of medals in such a strong field of competitors!!

100m Freestyle - Silver

50m Freestyle - Bronze

50m Butterfly - PB

Yet again, ANOTHER fantastic weekend for Emily. Well done and keep up the hard work!!

Arena League round 1 - Broughton

.......well I've got to be honest, I was hugely impressed with that performance!!!! With the move up to division 1 I was a little bit worried that our club would start to come up against bigger clubs that were a little to hot for them to handle and feel a little out of their depth.......sorry!!
We kicked of this year's event with the 200IM and we welcomed back 2 swimmers that for different reasons probably aren't quite at there best just yet. Lottie Rens dove into the pool and started off what can only be described as an absolute demolition of every swimmer in her race. From stroke to stroke she opened up a very convincing lead and even managed to keep the pressure on with what everyone knows as lottie favourite stroke.....the breaststroke...... she kept the pressure on right to the end when she touched first in a not very thrilling contest. Lottie was followed into the pool by Harvey Martin who for reasons beyond me has decided that a family holiday to Disneyland and earning loads of money would be time better spent than swim training at Crosby HQ?!?!?! So we where only expecting a Mickey mouse performance from Harvey from this one.......sorry again!! Yet again, Harvey pulled a fantastic performance out the bag. Unlike Lottie he didn't quite have it all his own way. He did manage to lead the race from start to finish but the lad in the lane from Crewe next to him kept him honest throughout and even pushed Harvey with a great swim in the breaststroke leg. Nonetheless Harvey never let his lead slip and really started to open up the lead on the final freestyle leg. This really got our relay teams fired up with a lot of confidence and you could see them all at the end of the pool EAGER to get in the pool!! First to show their mettle was the 11yr girls freestyle team and they didn't disappoint. Coming in comfortable first place with Jess Harrington having an outstanding leg and pushing for a bigger role in the next round. They were followed by the formidable 11yr boys team. This group of lads will be one to watch for us in the future and they didn't put a foot wrong as they cruised to comfortable win with young Oscar Donnelly looking right at home! Then came 13yr girls medley team and to say that already had a comfortable lead before Maddie even entered the pool for her leg.....well you don't need me to tell you the result!! That was 5 crosby wins on the bounce and a fantastic confidence boost to the entire team!! The 13yr medley team team was next in and I'm not quite sure what Mr Flanagan heard or whether he just felt the need to give his competition a 5m headstart but it was an interesting way to start the race, but probably not one we would like to replicate in the next round please!! Dispite Sean's interesting start he still finished first in his backstroke leg as he passed the lead to the rest of the lads. The lads were strong throughout and managed a excellent 2nd place finish. Our 15yr girls were next and again they were very unlucky to come up against some very strong individuals in the opposition teams and came in a very respectable 3rd place. As most of these girls are still at the young end of the age group, I'm sure it will be a different story next year!! The 15yr boys were next and again they managed a comfortable win with new boy Tyler Delaney bringing home a good win. Our final set of relay races before we moved onto the individuals was the what we have always considered to be our weakest. NOT because we don't have talented open age swimmers, we have tonnes!!! We've just never been able to get them all to galas at the right time because of little things like uni..and jobs.....and disco dancing!!! Well tonight was an exception for that and we managed to put out a great open age team in both ladies and the gents squads. The ladies managed a fantastic 2nd place finish, with our lady that lunches, Team Captain Chloe Quarton swimming a great great fly leg. The gents were not to be outdone and followed that performance with a brilliant 3rd place with Gents Captain Luke Suarez bring them home.......he doesn't lunch!
We moved into the individuals in good form but sure that we would come under more pressure when our strength in depth wouldn't be so useful. Millie Griffiths and Will Irvine were first up to the blocks with 50m backstroke swims  and to be honest was back to normal. Both kids brought home comfortable 1st place finishes that set the tone for the rest of the individuals all night!! Madison Rens was next with the 100 breaststroke and managed a great win. She was pushed for the win this time but still came in strongly. We then had one of our new swimmers come in and represented us in what we could probably have considered as......not his favorite stroke until last night. Casey Delaney managed to pull out an amazing 100m breaststroke race and was narrowly beaten to 3rd place by some very strong competition in the other lanes. We moved to a strong event for Crosby with Sianna Rens and Caleb Griffiths both competing in the 100 backstroke and to be honest neither was of them where troubled as they both pushed onto relatively comfortable wins. Next we had the 100 fly open. Despite some early nerves, our girls captain lead the way and Chloe Quarton managed a very impressive 3rd place. Next into the pool was a reluctant George Spence. He had never competed on the 100 fly before and was not in his usual buoyant self.........sorry!!! Nonetheless despite his lack of confidence in himself he still managed to pull together a fantastic 4th place finish. At this moment everything sort of went a little bit sideways!!!! For some reason we had 2 of our lads 15yr team over come with a sudden bout of nausea and although one of them managed to make it to the toilet......the other never!!!! We were a little worried (for the kids obviously!! )that we would be a little short handed for a short time but both the lads dusted themselves off.....well washed......and carried on !! After the drama we then moved onto the  11yr fly event with both Maeve Bunclark and Ethan Kelly continuing our good form with great wins. Sianna Rens and  Sean Flanagan where next to the pool and as ever both of them where amazing . Sianna with a comfortable win and sean with an excellent 2nd place. Moving to the 15yr fly event saw Sam Harrington and Caleb Griffiths pull on their blue hats and  goggles. Sam started off in a hugely competitive race and her 5th place finish DOES NOT do the race justice!! ANY  of the girls could have won or lost the race with all the swimmers finishing within fingertips of each other......Caleb won. Next was the 100 open backstroke with Abi Towle called into action for the ladies with team captain Luke Suarez called up for the gents.  Abi was her usual nervous self but was again brilliant and brought home a fantastic 3rd place. Luke was next and got off to an amazing start. He led the race right up until the final turn with a few of the other close on his heels they raced to the end where luke was just nudged to 3rd place. With us at the halfway stage the points where announced and we lucky enough to be in first place on 104 points with Crewe in second place on 82 points. We had the 11yr breaststroke next with Eva Holt stepping up for the girls and Steven McKenzie representing the boys. Both the kids were again amazing and both managed to bring full points back for Crosby. With the 13yr 100 fly we welcomed another new swimmer into the girls team and Elise Bruns showed that she will be a very welcome addition to an already VERY good team by coming in with the win for the girls. For the boys a very nervous James Rogers who was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that there was NO WAY he could complete his race was again fantastic and managed a well earned 3rd place. With Madison Rens stepping up to swim in the  girls 15yr 100 free, she was well aware that she would  not have the race her own way. But yet again she was well worth her first place finish. With Tyler Delaney representing the lads we managed to keep up with the high placed finishes and he came in a very respectable 2nd place in a very strong field. With the open 100 breaststroke next, we were struck by another injury blow to our captain Luke Suarez and were searching for a replacement!! Luckily Caleb Griffiths stepped in. With Emily Spencer in the pool for the ladies we knew we were in safe hands and yet again we dominated the race from start to finish and came away with full points. Caleb was up next and up against some unbelievable competition in the opposition lanes. The race was fantastic with 3 teams running neck and neck right up to the final turn. With Caleb's transition pushing him into the lead he was incredibly unfortunate to lose 1st place by a finger tip but amazing to finish second place in an amazing race. Running into the final batch of individual events and we felt we were in a strong points position but never relaxed for a minute!! With Millie Griffiths and Ethan Kelly from the 11yr team coming away with very good wins in the 50 free we moved onto the 13yr free. Again Madison Rens was outstanding and had another comfortable win under her belt. Casey Delaney was in his element when it came to his 50 free and was very unlucky to come 2nd in a close race. As we moved into the final throws of the individuals we again had to make a hasty shuffle of the 15yr with Mathew Blackburn stepping in. With Hollie Cooper representing the girls we knew we were in for a good race. Hollie managed to keep the other girls on her sights throughout the race and was starting to reel them in after the last turn but just left herself with to much to do and finished in a very close 4th. With Mathew improving weekly on EVERY stroke we knew he would be fine. He was always up with the leaders and came in with a very respectable 4th place. We finished the individuals with the open age 100 free. With Lottie Rens in for the ladies and Harvey Martin in for the boys we knew they would both be incredibly good races. Lottie started off the race with an old frenemy in Holly White in the lane for Everton. Lottie started off the race at a fantastic pace and kept up the pressure by leading the race from start to finish and bringing home a well earned win. With Harvey lining up for the final individual event he was again pushed all the way to the finish by a strong competitor from the Crewe ranks but yet again he held his nerve and came away with the final individual win setting us up for the final set of relay races. We started off with the 11yr girls  medley with Tilly Stevens having a fantastic breaststroke leg which help set Grace Ashcroft to bring in another comfortable won for the girls. Next in was the boys. They again were unstoppable and were helped to victory by Nicolas Castineria's brilliant breaststroke leg. The always impressive girls 13yr team was next and yet again with Rebekah Duncan, Aahana Manglam and Maisie Stevens the result was in the bag from the start. With the boys following that performance they had an awful lot to live upto and did not disappoint with Jake Stevens starting to come back to form after being ill over summer leading the charge. With the 15yr medley team up next we had high hopes for the girls team after such strong performances in the individual events and we weren't let down!! The girls finished a very strong 4th with all the other teams. Lucy McKenzie once again setting the girls off with an impressive backstroke leg. The lads were on next and they were again forced into a change due to illness( really wasn't their night!!!) They again overcame the setback and managed a very very good win. We  moved to the final 2 events of the evening and these events are what can only be described as brilliant. The noise and excitement generated around poolside is just  .........BRILLIANT!!!! Our ladies were in first and they really are fantastic when they get going and came away with another fantastic win for Crosby. The boys followed them in looked strong on block. This is always a hotly contested event and if even just 1 of your swimmers isn't tiptop it can really hurt. The lads where still fantastic and pushed the other teams right to the end and claimed a hard fought 4th place.  As we waited for the scores to be tallied we were quietly confident of a job well done. With the kids being so dominant we though that we would have done really well. So when the scores where announced we were ecstatic with the result

1st Crosby - 207pts
2nd Crewe and Carlisle -149pts
4th Everton - 142pts
5th Penguins - 89pts

Onto the swimmer of the event. If you've read my reports before, you'll know that it's getting harder and harder for me to pick a single swimmer out the pack......this time it was IMPOSSIBLE!!!! All the coaches agree that there simply wasnt a poor performance from any swimmer and EVERY swimmer was fantastic. It has become something of a tradition for the top swimmer not to receive a single mention in gala write up but save it for the full star treatment in this section. I have tried to give every nipper a mention and think I've captured them all. Every kid was unbelievable at this event and let's take this attitude into the next round!!! But before we go I do feel the need to give one swimmer a big special mention. With the lads 15yr team being so affected with illness on the night we were just looking to keep the relay team in the game. With some quick thinking Brian jigged a team together and we managed to have a swimmer in every slot. With Tyler opening the relay with a 50 back we were always going to be in good hands. As Tyler was returning for his final 25 I looked up and thought Brian had gone MAD!!! Stood on the blocks ready for the breaststroke leg of the 15yr medley relay was Ethan Kelly!!!!! He looked absolutely tiny stacked up with those lads who where upto 4 YEARS OLDER than him!!! All I was thinking was keep us in it until Caleb can get in for the fly. Not only did he keep us in it, but he maintained his position giving Caleb the chance to give us a fantastic lead that Mathew kept till we came home winners!!! It was un unbelievable moment that typified the kids attitude all though the gala.

A quick piece of trivia for you all.

Out of 50 races, the nippers managed to win 32......that is an incredible win rate of 64%!!!!

If you found that interesting then I figured it out....if you found it a little sad.....then Brian figured it out?!?!

A HUGE Well done to all of you!!! You where, yet again



Lancashire Masters


We had our very own Emily Spencer competing for the 18-24yr age group, at the Lancashire masters in Blackpool over the 21/22 September weekend and yet again she came out with a NECK FULL of gold medals!!

50m Freestyle = GOLD

50m Butterfly - GOLD

50m Breaststroke = GOLD

100m I.M = GOLD

Another fantastic performance from Emily and she will be going to sheffield in a few weeks to compete at National Masters!!! Amazing performance Emily and dont forget to let us know how you get on.........or we'll just end up asking your mum again!!!

Co-Op Cup Round 2

Now THAT was more like it!!!

From start to finish our kids were quite literally BRILLIANT!! Rebekah Duncan opened the gala with a fantastic swim in the 100m IM. She was unbelievably unlucky to be pipped at the end as she had dominated every leg right up until the end and finished an excellent 2nd place. Sean Flanagan was next into the pool for his race. He was in the pool with some really tough competition and managed a very useful 4th place. We then moved onto the first part of the relay events and the strength of the team really showed through. We opened with the devastating 9yr mixed freestyle relay and without sounding to cocky.......the kids smashed it!! With Emily Samra kicking the race off she passed the baton to the always impressive Tilly Stevens who built on the lead for Harry Laycock to push on and finally we had Archie Weindling bring the team home for a well deserved victory!! This set the tone for the remaining relay races where never finished outside the top 2. Every swimmer ran fantastic races and we even had to drop in a late substitute for one of the races and as ever Aidan Kearney stepped up to the plate and gave a performance that David Fairclough would have tipped his hat to!! We then moved to the individual swims and as ever we didn't have it all our own way. There were a lot of good swimmers in the pool that really pushed our kids to fantastic swims. Tilly Stevens started the with the freestyle and gave another fantastic performance that saw her win her race quite comfortably. Harry Laycock came next and was unlucky to finish fourth in a very close race. The points where announced after 10 events and we had started to open up a slim lead with Halton leading the chasing pack and only 7 points behind. We pushed on through a bit of a sticky patch and still managed to pick up good second and third place finishes  with Zein Mukhtar having in his backstroke, Isabella Jones in her breaststroke and team captain Maisie Stevens on her butterfly all finishing in excellent 2nd places. But we must give a special mention to Nicolas Castineria who put in an amazing 50 breaststroke and came home with a excellent first place. We then seemed to kick into another gear in the individual events and started claiming first place after first plavce with the always strong Tilly Stevens, Will Irvine & Madison Rens all claiming excellent first places in their races. We have to give a special mention to one of our kids who dispite being ill ALL WEEK, refused to let the team down and dragged himself to poolside and AGAIN produced race after race. Well done Ethan Kelly. After 30 events we had really started to put a bit of daylight between us and the other clubs. Halton  dropped back into 3rd place on 109 pts with Ormskirk in 2nd place on 124pts and Crosby leading the pack with 140pts. Again we hit a bit of a sticky patch but we still had our fair share of top finishes with Maeve Bunclark, Oscar Donnelly & Aahana Manglam all coming away with  full points. We then moved into the final relay events and again showed the strength of we have in our teams. Again we didn't finish outside the top 2 places with some amazing performances from all the kids. Again the 9yr mixed team set the Crosby stall out with a very convincing medley swim and good win. The boys 11yr and the girls 12yr teams with amazing performances that will make them huge contenders in the final for all the points. With all the other teams pinching points here and there it will make for a very interesting gala for the final. We then moved into what is fast becoming a Crosby favorite (.....It wasnt a few years ago,as we'd always get battered!!!) the cannon!!! We started the race with Tilly and Joe and we never once gave up the lead finishing extremely strongly with Sean Flanagan bringing the team home for a brilliant 1st place and screams and adulation from the adoring crowd......might have gone a little far there?!?!

Onto the swimmer of the event. Again our head coach couldn't pick just one performer and has given his award to 2 swimmers. We had another lad who has been sick the last week, and again refused to let the team down. He not only produced amazing performances in his own age group but when needed to swim up he produced amazing performances again and again. He competed in numerous events, both individual AND relay and never let us down once. So well done Steven McKenzie, you where AMAZING. Onto our second swimmer of the event. This ones goes to without doubt the bestest swimmer in the entire club and funniest and all round good egg!!! Joking aside this swimmer was brilliant!! She managed to pull out 2 first place wins over a girl that had narrowly beaten her at tadpoles the previous week in both events and swam brilliantly in all the relay events. Well done Millie Griffo, your the bestest!!

Well Done 

Steven McKenzie & Millie Griffiths 

Keep up the hard work ready for the final!!

Gala 2 points

1. Crosby - 228pts

2. Ormskirk - 208pts

3. Hoylake - 174pts

4. Halton - 172pts

5. Bridgefield - 127pts

6. Bootle - 98pts

Final Placings

1. Warriors - 447pts

2. Crosby - 433pts

3. Ormskirk - 422pts

4. Southport - 410pts

5. Prescot - 385pts

6. Halton - 367pts

7. Hoylake - - 349pts

8. Penguins - 292pts

9. Bridgefield - 257pts

10. Everton - 231pts

11. Garston - 227pts

12. Bootle - 212pts

Tadpoles Gala

Weekend 1

WOW, So early in the season and such success !!! If this is gala is anything to go by, its going to be another busy year of medal photo's and gala reports!! Unfortunately for this gala both Lyn and myself were acting as judges for the entire event and so my reports will be a little less informative?!?!
We started our involvement with Millie Griffiths who FOOLISH enough(......sorry i misspelt brave!!) to take on her very first 200m Butterfly race and dispite getting out in tears and a very firm declaration that she will  NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!! she managed not only a PB but a hugely deserved gold medal for her trouble......i reckon she'll do it again???  We then moved into the Boys 50m Backstroke and we had some fantastic swims including a Bronze medal for Aidan Kearney. We then welcomed a large number of new swimmers into the Girls 50m breaststroke event and we can count the future bright with our up and coming swimmers. A huge well done must go to Heidi Lindley, Eva Robinson, Orla Holt and Ellie Chellew All of who manged huge PB's the most impressive being Orla who knocked off an astonishing 40+seconds off her entry time. We also had a few more seasoned competitors and Mya Laycock and Isobella Jones managing PB's and a bronze medal for Mya. We then welcomed the lads back into the pool and young Archie Weindling showed little fear as he manged a PB for his first ever individual swimming competion. We also had another fantastic performance from both Oscar Donnelly and Oliver Lambert, again we had another of our swimmers earning a bronze medal. Well done Oscar!! The girls finished up the individual events for the first session and as well as PB all around we were lucky enough to have bronze medal Isobella Jones and a silver medal for Maisie Stevens. Well done you two!! 

We moved into the afternoon session, again with Millie Griffiths and Jess Harrington setting us off with another GRUELING EVENT in the 400m freestyle. They both managed huge PB's and Millie was lucky enough to come away with a bronze medal. We again welcomed a lot of our first timers into the pool and AGAIN all of them managed incredible PB's with mention going to Emily Samra and Karine Crosby having brilliant swims. The boys and the girls both came  the came back into the pool for the 50m butterfly and we again had some fantastic swims from young Harry Laycock And Joshua Ashcroft, both earning fantastic PB's!! We were lucky enough to have another medalist in Aiden Kearney who managed a bronze medal to add to the other he had earned earlier!! Also, young Eva Duncan and Karine Crosby were both fantastic but we again were lucky enough to have another medalist in the always impressive Maeve Bunclark who manged a silver medal in her race. We finished off the weekends individual swims with the girls 50m backstroke and as we came to expect all the swimmers manged to produce fantastic PB's so a big well done to Serrenne Crosby, Lucy Chellew Grace Ashcroft and Olivia Davidson with ahuge well done going to Millie Griffiths who finished the weekend with bronze medal. That wrapped up the first VERY VERY successful weekend 

Weekend 2

Im not 100% sure why, but does it always feel like tapoles goes on for as long as Regionals or is it just me??? Anyway onto weekend 2!!! We started off with the boys 200m Free and we had fantastic swims from all of our nippers but a special mention must go to young Adam Lenanhan who ran a fantastic race in his heat. We then moved into hat is fast becoming a Crosby favourite in the 50 Fly. We had a lot of excellent heats and lot of very close medal calls but were unlucky on all account. We need to give a big shout to Serrene Crosby and Grace Blackburn who both had fantastic heats.  We then moved into the boys 50m backstroke event and that is when we really started to add to our medal tally with Zein Mukhtar earning a silver in his race and James Rogers earning a gold in his race and Theo Osbourne getting over a bout of nerves to earn a fantastic PB!! With new Jnr Captain Maisie Stevens giving a Silver medal winning performance in the 50 breast, you can see why she has been given the responsibility. With James Rogers suffering from a out of jitters at Crosby HQ over the 200m backstroke, we were just hoping for a good performance but as ever James pulled out a great race and managed to achieve a fantastic PB. but yet again Crosby kids were on the hunt for medals with Aidan Kearney getting a silver and Zein Mukhtar earning a brilliant gold !! The girls took their turn in the 200 backstroke and every girl managed huge PB's but unfortunately just missed out on medals.  Onto the final individual event of the session in the under 9's100m IM and again we were well represent by Archie Weindling for the boys Orla Holt, Isabella Jones for the girls. All our kids were amazing and posted fantastic times for what was in the most part the time that they had competed in the event. Moving onto the final session of the event and straight after another one of those really healthy Greggs steak bakes we welcomed three Crosby swimmers into the pool for 50m butterfly and all three of the lads posted excellent PB's so a huge well done goes to Theo Osbourne, Joshua Bradburn and Jacob Wallace . We also had a few more …….seasoned swimmers into the pool and they both managed fantastic swims Zein Mukhtar managed a Bronze and James Rogers produced another Gold medal performance! The girls next event was the 200m freestyle and a very nervous Heidi Lindley put aside some unexpected nerves to smash out a very accomplished PB. We moved onto the gents 50m free and yet again we had more than 1 medal contender in the wings and all of the lads managed fantastic PB's with the EVER improving Oscar Donnelly coming away with a hugely disserved gold. We also had a large number of new swimmers and we really must congratulate Finlay Arnold, George Marshall and Archie Hobbs who were all brilliant!! The girls 50 free was next , and again there was no shortage medal possibilities in the ranks with Millie Griffiths & Maeve Bunclark managing a Bronze each!! Again we had some nerves newcomers  but all where yet again fantastic and done the club proud!! Well done Emily Samra, Phoebe Brown and Ellie Chellew you where all amazing!!!!!! Moving into the final individual event of the was the boys and girls 200m IM and again we had an awful lot of potential medallist to call on and although every swimmer again managed fantastic PB's we were only lucky enough to have a few medallist and one of those was an amazing silver from Nicolas Castineria. We were also lucky enough to have a huge number of Team relay events across the 4 sessions and although we didn't manage to win any of the races (as ever Southport brought a massively strong squad) our little group of nippers, both boys AND girls managed to medal in EVERY team event. Considering that we never even had teams in these events a few years ago, it is impossible not to be impressed with the kids progress over the last few years.

Onto our swimmer....or swimmers of the event. You may have noticed some obvious omissions from the list of achievements above. It's becoming a bit of a tradition that we don't mention the swimmers that have earned the accolade of being named as swimmer of the event and I can tell you that with the quality of kids we have in the pool at the minute, it really is becoming harder and harder to pick these standout performers. This time it was a little more cut and dried as we had 2 swimmers who managed to produce so many top quality swims that they were BOTH awarded with the top prize that you can earn at Tadpoles. firstly you have Ethan Kelly who has grown and grown and GROWN into such a fantastic swimmer with what can only be described as minimal fuss that the first place in the FINA awards was more or less expected from us all this year. None the less it was a fantastic achiement and you where amazing throughout. Then we moved onto out next winner. Again with strong performances leading up to Tadpoles we all though that YOUNG Tilly Stevens had a very real shot at the FINA award this year. But looking at the times and rankings of her competitors Tilly alway

s knew that she wouldn't just walk it and would have to produce excellent performances time after time. Well as we have come to expect, Tilly never let herself or the club down as was fantantic from her first race to her last!!

Well done

Tilly Stevens & Ethan Kelly

you where both


To ALL the kids that represented our club at TADPOLES you where all ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!! Everyone of you managed PB's in all your events and more importantly you carried yourselves off impecably and where a credit to the club on AND off the starters blocks. Whether you managed a PB or a medal or was just brave enough to enter your first ever indiviual gala, you made your coaches and parents PROUD!!!

Co-Op Cup Round 1

Ive got to be honest, i was a little nervous after the first set of races. We didn't show our usual confidence at poolside and the kids seemed a little quieter than usual at the lane ends but i put this down to an early start to the new competitive Crosby season and the loss of a few big names from the team sheet . We welcomed a few new faces(some young, some a little older) and you could see that they were feeling a little nervous about how they would get on in their first race. We started the gala with a new event and Aahana Manglam started well in the 100m Individual Medley and was JUST pipped into second place. We welcomed our new Boys Jnr captain into the pool for the boys event and Monty Barr done the club proud with a strong performance in his own race. Our always strong 12yr girls team produced an excellent performance and managed to lead their race from start to finish and capped off the relays in strong form with a comfortable win. 

We then moved into the individual events and we took the that form into our next few races with fantastic performance from our youngest competitors who both had comfortable wins in their freestyle events, a massive well done to both Tilly Stevens And Joe Dixon. We started to gain some momentum as we got to halfway into the gala and the 4ths and 3rds started to turn 3rds and 2rds and as we grew in confidence, the customary noise from the pool ends became louder and louder as we were pushing our kids onto greater efforts. At the half way stage we were sitting in 4th place behind Hoylake, Southport and the newcomers Warrington Warriors(another city club for our nippers to contend with!!) but the tide was starting to turn in our favour!! The ever strong and reliable Ethan Kelly, Maddison Rens and Millie Griffiths were all big performers and started to contribute to the points table with our new fleet of swimmers picking up points with fantastic wins in thier events so well done to Isabella Jones, Maeve Bunclark, Nicolas Castineria and Oscar Donnelly. As we moved into the final stages of the gala and the pionts tallies were announced you could really tell that Crosby was the team with all the form moving into the final relay events. We had pushed right past Hoylake into 3rd position and only 2 points behind the joint leaders Warrington and Southport!!!! We started the with another win from our quite formidable 9yr mixed medley team and its a brave team that fancies taking them on in the coming rounds. Our 10yr boys pulled out another win and that was followed by our amazing 12yr girls team winning in their freestyle relay........again!! All the relay teams produced fantastic performance and we entered the cannon events in confident form. Our lads team was VERY unlucky to finish in 5th place in a finish that basically saw all teams finish in a line and we could just have eassily finished 1st, unlucky lads!! Our now terrifying girls team stood up to the blocks next and from start to finish there was absolutely only going to be 1 was us by the way!!!

As the final points were announced our amazing kids had managed to produce an amazing turnaround and managed to capture 2nd place from an shell shocked Warrington Warriors.

1st Southport - 212 pts

2nd CROSBY - 205 pts

3rd Warrington - 193pts

4th Hoylake - 175pts

5th Bridgefield - 130pts

6th Everton - 92pts

Onto our swimmer of the gala. Unfortunately for this swimmer, they are another nipper that is such a fantastic swimmer that they have to have an absolutely unbelievable gala to standout from their usual very very high standards and this time he done just that. Not only was he brilliant in his own age group winning both his individuals but he was fanatastic when asked to swim up against a very strong competitor and was just pipped to 2nd place. He also competed in all his team relays and cannon 

A huge well done to


This one has been a long time coming but it was well deserved and keep up the hard work!!!

British & English Nationals 


In what can only be described as a PERFECT end to a BRILLIANTLY successful Crosby Swimming Club season we where lucky enough to have 2 of our swimmers representing us in the pools at Glasgow and Sheffield. Madison Rens & Caleb Griffiths capped off a phenomenal season on a local level by competing at the highest levels for their age groups at the national championships. Only the very best performers that season are invited to compete at these events and the standard is incredible!!. Caleb kicked off the Crosby interest at Glasgow were he competed in the 50m Backstroke event. He manage a seasons best time of 29.54 and finished an impressive 11th just missing out on the final but finally manged to break the 30sec mark which he had been hunting for a large part of the season.

We then moved to Sheffield for the best part of a week taking in all the local sights and sounds including VERY regular trips to the MEAL DEAL Isle in SAINSBURYS and Crack alley on the way back to the hotel which produced new and interesting way to see people passed out on a daily basis!! i know we could have gone a different way, but it was always a LONG DAY and we just wanted to get home!!! hahaha. The pool and the facilities where amazing and the kids really took to the experience. Maddy just managed to squeak into the 50m freestyle event and sitting up in the balcony we weren't expecting a lot, but as ever with Miss Rens she absolutely smashed her heat and qualified for the final in 8th position with an incredible time of 28.20!!! She entered the final as nervous as only Maddy can be, knowing that she would have to pull off another PB to stand any chance of a medal. Coming in at 28.16sec was another fantastic PB but unfortunately not quite enough to capture a well deserved medal in a final where all the competitors finished in a line and the difference between 1st and 10th was mere milliseconds!!! She finished off her competition with the 50m Breaststoke. We were all a lot more positive about her chance on this one and it just shows you the level of competitor that even a small decrease in Maddy's PB meant that she didn't quite make the final. None the less it was still an amazing event for Maddy and considering that she is fully 12months younger than the vast majority of her piers in the pool at this event, it will be a very interesting season next year for her!!! As for Caleb he had what can only be described as UNBELIEVABLE championship!! He managed to bring home 2 gold medals in 2 different strokes and narrowly missed out on 3rd in his final swim!!! He had 6 events in total over the week and managed to compete in 4 finals hitting PB's in both heats and finals everytime. His 1st gold came from the 100m Butterfly where he knocked off 1 sec from his entry time to finish as top seed for the final. With the quality of the lads around him he knew he would need to beat that PB in the final to stand any chance of a medal. Not only did he beat that time but he smashed another 2 seconds off to finish in 1.00.36!!! This is the first time we all got to see the all new lucky Crosby SC swim hat underneath the COLSC swim cap. For a lad that HATES wearing any swim cap this was an unexpected (but not unwelcome!!!) addition!! From now on we will all insist that Caleb wear 2 hats to all the big events as it continued to prove its use as we moved thru the weeks events.

His next gold came from the 100m backstroke and he only just managed to gain a place in the final with a less than stellar performance in the heat. In the final he occupied the outside lane as was not even considered an outside chance to medal, but in the words of our head coach "nobody puts Crosby in a corner!!!" and with nothing to lose Caleb FLEW off the blocks and building on brilliant start dominated the entire race from start to finish and won Gold with a time of 1.02.52 sec smashing 4sec of his entry time. He also manged to get to the finals of his 200m I.M and 50m Fly events hitting PB's to all strokes. He also competed in the 200m Back and Fly........ but they went terribly so we ont mention them again!! haha

All in all both Madison and Caleb where brilliant and represented the club amazingly, but more importantly they both want all the nippers at Crosby to realise that if THEY can do it, then absolutely


Macmillan Gala 


The kids finished the season with an amazing performance that really shows how hard the entire squad has worked this season and how all that hard work pays off!!

We started the gala with some absolute NEWBIES to the team galas and they didn't show any sign of nerves as they all performed well in the in their first freestyle relays. Everyone one of them remembered the relay MANTRA and everyone of them "waited for the touch!!" which always gives them a good chance of finishing high in the points. So a special mention in these races must go to Annabelle Irvine, Karine Crosbie and Archie Weindling who all showed absolutely NO nerves in their fisrt event and all swam fantastically!! In the next age group we again we're introducing new swimmers to the pool and again they showed no sign of nerves with Heidi Lindley and Eva Duncan making their debut in the breastroke & freestyle legs of the medley relay and Finlay Arnold doing the backstroke leg for the lads. We were STILL introducing new swimmers into the pool with the 11yrs lads team welcoming Josh Weston for his first Crosby swim and again it was well worth the wait!! After all those new introductions we welcomed our old timers into the pool and it can never be nice being the opposition to look across  and see your swimming against Madison Rens, Rebekah Duncan Maisie Stevens and and Aahana Manglam and yet again they didn't fail to perform and smashed their Medley relay!! Not to be outdone by the girls the lads team produced another fantastic performance which took us into the individual events.

Tilly Stevens opened the show with a fantastic win in the 25m freestyle and Harry Laycock was unlucky and was pipped right at the end of a very close and exciting race. We continued on in the individual with VERY STRONG performances throughout the team and very really did we finish out of the top 2 places and we have to give a few special mentions out to a few of the kids. Madison Rens was her usual terrifying self and dominated every event she swam in. Will Irvine was fantastic and swam up for us on a few occasions. Isabella Jones was brilliant in her breaststroke and came in with a commanding lead even though it was only a 25m race!!! Aahana Manglam pulled out some fantastic swims in all her events. Aiden Kearney Pulled out a great win in the 5om Backstroke. Ethan Kelly and Millie Griffiths were their usual fantastic selves and dispite a little self doubt Rebekah Duncan was as dependable as ever!!

We moved into the second half of the event leading the way from a very good bridgefield team but then moved into what we can only descripe as something of a purple patch and we manged to claim 6 1st place finishes on the bounce  moving into the closing stages!! Dispite suffering our first DQ's of the gala we still manged to maintain a health lead with both the 10yr boys and girls freestyle relay teams claiing comfortable wins, indeed it was so comfortable that one of the lads started to practice his gymastics routine at the start and done a passable forward roll into the pool. Well done Finlay Arnold.... but one sport at a time please mate!!! Onto the highlight of the event. We are now used to our girls team continuously producing fantastic performance in the cannons at the end of galas and the boys being our nearly men. But this time, not only did our ladies produce a very good win with their usual flair but the lads also managed what can only be described as a very convincing win in their own event!! Well done lads, we all knew it would all come together!!!!!  

1st place = Crosby 195 points

2nd place = Bridgefield 181 points

3rd place = Halton 147 points 

4th place = Penguins135 points

5th place = Garston 90 points

Ladies Cannon = Crosby 

Gents Cannon = Crosby

On to our swimmer of the gala. Again this was an unbelievably hard pick as literally  no kid swam badly. We had some amazing individual swims. With Josh Weston & Finlay Arnold having amazing backstroke swims. Eva Duncan settling right into the team and showing us what we can expect in the future. Tilly Stevens being her usual self and Maeve Bunclark being.......Maeve!!!!

This time the award will be going to Oscar Donnelly. For a few months he had been swimming a little bit below par and really seemed to be struggling. But over the last few galas he has REALLY kicked on culminating in a first name on the team sheet performance on Saturday!!!!

Well done Oscar and keep up all the hard work!!!

Isabella Jones


We where lucky enough to have ANOTHER Crosby swimmer swim so well in the Standfield School swim competition. Young Isabella managed to win Gold in the 

50m Back stroke 

25m Backstroke 

25 freestyle 

AND she also managed to win the OVERALL points winners trophy!!


Wirral Sprint Meet

In what has got to go down as on of the most successful galas in Crosby Swimming clubs history i must say that i have never been prouder of our club!!! EVERY other club at the gala must been sick to death of hearing that another Crosby swimmer had had won another medal at another event, and we aren't just talking one swimmer per event. In some of the races, we were talking multiple medals across multiple age groups REGULARLY !!!

We had a number of very inexperienced swimmers who used fed of the clubs momentum and swam really really well and even managed to take home medals along with a few kids who where swimming in their VERY first gala. One of those was Will Delamere who despite getting a DQ in his first race, never let it phase him and went onto to win silver in his next race!!! We also welcomed back Zein Mukhtar who as well took home a fistful of medals. We had young Ethan Kelly and Will Irvine who took home their usual supply of medal to add to their growing supplies. Sianna Rens shook of a persistent injury to have a success confidence boosting results. Dispite racing in the open age group Caleb Griffiths still manged to bring home multiple gold medals being beaten only by a Ellsmere TITAN on his last hurrah prior to going to uni!!! Lucy McKenzie added to what is fast becoming a very successful period. Madison Rens done what Madison Rens does and won GOLD after GOLD!! Aahana Manglam had a great gala and was a constant visitor to the medal table. Maisie Stevens put a bad start to her breaststroke race behind her to post a fantastic time and she was followed closely by her big brother Jake Stevens to collect her medal. Millie Griffiths managed a fantastic feat and medaled in EVERY event she entered!!! We also had both Jess and Sam Harrington having impressive performances 

Along side all of these medalist was a huge supporting cast of young Crosby swimmers who although they didn't manage a medal still swam fantastically and regally PB'ed and in the most part where finishing close 4th positions !!! Every swimmer at the event helped the tide of medals with their support at the end of the lanes or just by pushing our swimmers on to better swims. I apologise if i missed any medallist out and hopefully ive caught you all for the wall or website photo's!!

Now we move to the swimmer of the gala. With such fantastic performances from so many swimmers it was impossible to pick just one......... So Brian picked 3!!!!!

1. Maeve Bunclark - Swam fantastically and even managed to pick up a provisional Lancs time in her 50 fly

2. Eva Duncan - Again Swam fantastic and even though she was DQ'd in her first event still went onto a strong swim in her next event

3. Tilly Stevens - Again AGAIN, swam fantastic and picked up a huge amount of medals in her very first gala .....let not forgot that she also mange a provisional LANCS time

EVERY SWIMMER in a Crosby hat should be immensely proud of everything they have achieved this season and the results on Saturday Just prove that all the hard work and effort really does pay off

Well done to you ALL

Wigan Starter Met

With this being our first visit as a club to the Wigan Life Pool we could understand the kids initial nerves at the new surroundings and competitors. But as ever it didn't take long for the kids to settle down into the gala and start to relax. We took very young team to Wigan and they were greeted by some of the biggest clubs in the Northwest in Bolton, Wigan and City of Salford all of whom brought big experienced swimmers to compete. We started with the Girls 200IM (always a classic) and none of our girls let the experience get to them and manged on the whole to fantastic PB's with Grace Ashcroft knocking off an impressive 20secs!!! We then moved onto the boys 50m fly where we had some excellent performances, again with good PB's all round. The one performance that stuck out in my head was the other side of the Ashcroft family in young Joshua . From his dive he managed to put his goggles in the one place that managed to COMPLETELY obscure his view of the entire race!! Considering he could no longer see the other end of the pool he done a remarkable job in getting to the end at all. Unfortunately he only managed a one handed touch and on his transition completed a breaststroke basically ticked all the DQ boxes boxes in one event. None the less he managed to complete the race and get an UNOFFICIAL PB in the process. Considering that this was his event in first gala, it was an unbelivable effort for him and he didn't let it effect the rest of his performances so a HUGE WELL DONE to young Joshua Ashcroft. From a Crosby point of view it was pretty much business as usual with all the swimmers achieving PB's in all events and  Will Irvine performing at his usual high standard and picking up our first medal of the weekend, with a well earned silver  in the 200m Backstroke. The next highlight was Millie Griffiths knocked 4sec off her 100m breaststroke ace. Considering that Millie has struggled all year with her breaststroke and has a bit of a dodgy knee at the minute this was a fantastic effort! The Afternoon session began with a bang and Oliver Lambert taking a good silver medal in the 100m IM stroke. Will Irvine taking a bronze in the 50 free and Ethan Wallace being very unfortunate and just missing out on a medal with his performance the 50m free. But the standout performer of Saturday for me would have to go to Lucy McKenzie. She attained PB's in all events and managed to medal in 3 of her 4 events  Bronze - 100 breast, Silver - 100 back, Silver - 50 breast

Well done Lucy you where amazing ALL DAY !!!

We started Sunday with yet another excellent performance from Will Irvine who despite a little drama on his back to breast turn for his 200m IM still managed a good PB and gold medal!! We moved then onto the 50m Butterfly and it was nice to finally see the normally happiest smiliest person at the club show a little aggression and have a great swim in her event. Well done Lucy Chellew with those performances your times will definitely improve!!! We had Oscar Donnelly competing in the 50m backstroke event and he capped off a fantastic weekend with a fourth placed swim with another huge PB!! Another highlight of the weekend happend in the next event where we manged to have three gold medals in the boys 100m breast well done Oliver, Will(again!!) & Ethan!! We moved into the final session of the weekend with the girls 100 IM and we had some unbelievable PB's from Millie Griffiths, Freya Doran and Lucy Chellew. We finished the event on a huge positive with Ethan, Will and Oliver all taking medals in the 50m breaststroke event. 

In an gala that was so heavy in unnessacery and rather picky DQ's all of our kids should take a lot of confidence from the fact that the only ones we received where for our 2 BRAND NEW competitors and both of the lads learnt lessens and DID NOT let effect the rest of their swims Well done Sam Doran & Joshua Ashcroft. We also had a confidence booster for both of the Blackburn kids. Grace Blackburn put the disappointment of a backstroke DQ in her last gala with a great performance this time around and Mathew Blackburn had great PB's in both of his swims

On to our swimmer of the event. With all the medals and PB's that Will managed this weekend you can be forgiven for being a little confused . But this is by far the closest call I've had to make in a very long while and this time Ethan Kelly managed to just pip about 3 other kids for the spot. Ethan was amazing ALL weekend, smashing all his PB's, hitting all last years Lancs qualifying times  and earning medals in a very competitive group of swimmers time and time again!! 

  1. 200 breast - Gold
  2. 200 IM - Bronze
  3. 100 breast - Gold
  4. 200 free - Bronze
  5. 50 breast- Gold

Well done Ethan and keep up all the hard work!!!

National Championships

Madison Rens

Lancs - C_edited.jpg

Caleb Griffiths

Lancs - M (1)_edited.jpg

The club is lucky enough to have two of our swimmers competing at this years British Age Group Championships and English Age Group Championships. Madison Rens and Caleb Griffiths have had AMAZING season and have manged to reach the top age group competition of the season. 

Madison has achieved two swims. This is an unbelievable achievement as most of the girls she will be swimming against will be 12 months older than her!!!  

  1. 50m Freestyle 

  2. 50m Breaststroke

Caleb has achieved 1 swim in British and 6 swims in the English Championships. Again this is a fantastic achievement and Caleb is hoping to be VERY competitive in all his swims 

  1. 50m Backstroke - British Nationals

  2. 100m Backstroke 

  3. 200m Backstroke

  4. 50m Butterfly

  5. 100m Butterfly

  6. 200m Butterfly

  7. 200m I.M


This is a FANTASTIC effort from both of them and they should both be HUGELY proud of themselves as i know that all the coaches are. Well done you two and keep up all the hard work in training!!

And to all our younger swimmers, hopefully next year i will be writing about how well you have done and have a picture of your cheesy mug up on the website!!

Emily Spencer

Emily has just competed in the Yorkshire Open Masters at Ponds Forge in Sheffield and  managed some fantastic results in the 18-24yr age group ....not quite an old lady just yet then!!!
  1. 50m Free - Silver

  2. 100m Free - Silver

  3. 50m Fly - Silver

  4. 50m Breast - Silver

Well done Emily!! 

Great to have you back at


Athena Clayson

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Well Done Athena!! Just try and remember us little people when your in the Olympics!!

M&D R4 - Halton Gala


What a GALA?? A fantastic event from start to finish. Our little'uns REALLY set the tone with convincing swims in both of their relays(don't fancy facing that group of nippers for the next few years to come...AMAZING!!!) and we continued that right through the relays picking up fantastic placings in ALL the races. We again had some fantastic swims from our 14-15yr old girls who where in the most part swimming up to fill a few gaps in the ranks but none the less gave gave a fantastic account of themselves, so a HUGE mention should go to Rebekah Duncan, Maisie Stevens Madison Rens & Lucy McKenzie  We welcomed back all the usual suspects with Sean Davies making a special trip back from uni to appear Harvey Martin coming back from injury and the LEGENDARY Emily Spence coming out of exile!! We put them all straight to work and they didn't disappoint!!  

We then moved into the individuals where the always impressive  Madison Rens & Steven McKenzie  in the 50m freestyle, both with fantastic performance. We again had to call on Lucy McKenzie to fill a gap in the 14-15yrs 50m Breaststroke and Dan Davies backing her up from the boys. We then had to call in a substitute for the 100m Freestyle Gents as BIG SEAN DAVIES hurt his knee and swapped with Harvey Martin for the breaststroke race. Even with his damaged knee and swimming against some really tough competitors he still managed to great performance and got us some well earned points for the board. Emily Spencer was next into the pool and gave a commanding performance, leading from start to finish in her race!!  We kept the pressure up right through and finished the first half strong with Millie Griffiths and Ethan Kelly swimming in the breaststroke which gave us a points lead at the halfway stage.

We continued the second half with the strong performances we left at first half. with Aahana Manglam and James Rogers setting the tone with excellent performances in their 50m fly races and Abi Towel and Harvey Martin continuing the performances of the open age group. We then moved onto my personal favorite race of the gala with 12yr old Holly Cooper stepping into the open age group 100m breaststroke. With some VERY VERY good swimmers in the event from Everton and Garston it would have been easy for Holly to let the pressure of the race get the better of her and at the start it certainly looked like that was the case as she made the first turn trailing everyone in dead last position. Holly never let that bother her and swam her her own race to absolute perfection. With every turn she managed to reel in the swimmers from Garston and pass her with before she was turning for the final sprint into the wall. As she turned for the final 25m she was hot on the heels of the swimmer from Prescott only for the Garston swimmer to make a come back. As the 3 of them were about to pass the halfway stage holly took control and ran a FANTASTIC 3rd place!!!!

We were again strong in the final stages with the relays. An area that used to be the bain of our gala is now turning into another opportunity for us to stack up points!! Our 11yr old boys and girls are a truly formidable team and will give everyone a proper run for their money for years to come and at the other end, Our Open age team is the strongest its ever been!!! A quick mention must go to our Junior boys captain Jake Stevens for entirely the most ........interesting pool entry of the gala!! He had picked his side as his teammate was swimming in only for the lad to veer sharply at the last minute forcing Jake to leap salmon-eske sideways, twist mid air and somehow stay in his own lane!!!! Well done Jake.

We finished of the the M&D season with 2 very exciting cannons and both the boys and girls team where amazing as ever coming in second in both events 

With SO MANY brilliant performances on the day it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick out an individual performer for the event. From Chloe in the free, Maisie in the fly, Tilly in the free Sianna in the back, Sam in the fly, Lucy Bos in the breast, Lottie in the fly, Olivia in the back.......for the girls and George in the fly, Sean Flano in the back, Jack in the free, Luke in the back, Ethan Wallace in the free...........


  1. Prescott = 181 pts

  2. Crosby = 180 pts

  3. Halton = 170 pts

  4. Garston = 143 pts

  5. Everton = 136 pts

We are just waiting for final conformation of the finishing positions and we will let you all know asap!!

My wife has informed that (and not for the first time), i have forgotten to mention my sons contribution to to the gala!! Well, Let me just say that as ever Caleb Griffiths you where as ever AMAZING !! Cant wait to see your back and fly at this weekends regionals and hopefully nationals!?!?!

Regionals - a message from the Crosby coaches

Good luck to ALL Crosby swimmers competing for Liverpool at this years regional championships. We all know how your training has been disrupted with the ongoing DRAMA at city, but im sure NONE of you will let that affect your performance. 

No matter how you place on the day, PLEASE remember how proud ALL the Crosby coaches are of you........ you have all done AMAZING just to get there!!!

Club Champs - Day 2

On day 2 of our competition we welcomed back quite few of our missing swimmers from day 1 which helped fill out a few heats and really made things more interesting!!! We re-started with the Squad 100m backstroke and had some amazing heats to watch. The races that most stick in the mind would be heat 3 of the ladies race were we had Hollie Cooper, Lucy Mckenzie and Madison Rens all running each other close in a fantastic finish. Also heat 1 of the gents race come up with another spectacular race with Ethan Kelly, Will Irvine And Zein Mukhtar all vying for the top spot!!! Next we welcomed our Pre-Squad back into the pool for their 25m freestyle race and saw Georgina Wilson and Niamh Scott-McCormack swim fantastic in the ladies race and Oscar Donnelly come back to form with a fantastic swim for the lads. Last to get back into the pool was our Jnr squad. All looked cool calm and collected as they lined up for 25m butterfly, with them ALL having fantastic races the previous day with the 50m fly ythis one would just be a walk in the park!! One of our youngest swimmers produced a hugely improved swim from the previous day for the girls and so a massive well done to Charlotte Kirby and from the lads side the plaudits must go to the Cooke twins(Jacob & Ethan) who ran in first and second places in their idea which one won though?? The HIGH level of competition kept rolling through the remaining races and we where treated to some fantastic races including the pre-squad girls 50m back stroke that saw Grace Blackburn just pip Niamh Scott-McCormack to a heat win!! 

We then moved onto the 100m I.M and what i think is now becoming the Crosby Club Champ balcony favorite!!! We started with the event with the Jnr squad girls and where treated to fantastically close race between Karine Crosbie and Annabelle Irvine which was to close for me to call and REALLY got the crowd on their feet!!! This unbelievable quality and entertainment was carried right through the heats all the way through into the squad swimmers culminating in a unbelievable final heat that saw club captain Harvey Martin take the win in the final swim of the Crosby Club Champs 2019. All the points are currently being totaled and we will announce the winners at the presentation night on the

5th July at Marine Football Club

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that helped make this such a special event that is going from strength to strength EVERY YEAR!! Also a huge thanks to all the swimmers who make Crosby Swimming Club everything we hope it will be. From your behavior at local gals to your screams at poolside to support ANY member of the squad. To our top swimmers competing in the red of Liverpool at Regionals and Nationals, we know your still blue at heart!! Finally to all the parents who without all your effort and dedication we wouldn't have a club.

Onto the swimmer of the event. In something like this it would be impossible to pick an individual swimmer for the entire event. So we have decided to award a male and female from every squad. Even with choosing more swimmers, they were still hugely difficult decisions to make. These swimmers might not have won all their races or won their squad competition, but they have stood out to the coaches for many different reasons 

Jnr Squad - Emily Cotton & James Waterson - Both swam brilliantly throughout and showed massive improvements. All the hard work in training is starting to pay off. Well done!!

Pre Squad - Maeve Bunclark & Josh Weston - Again, Both swam fantastically!! Maeve building on a very successful year and Josh just starting to build his confidence and moving to swimming in his first individual gala

Squad - Tilly Stevens & Ethan Kelly - Tilly is just a bundle of engery that has focused herself in way that kids nearly twice her age have failed to do. She will be entering her 1st individual gala in a few months and we are all expecting great things!! and what can i say about Ethan that i already haven't said in previous gala reports??? He is having a fantastic season and just building and building on a fantastic reputation!! 

I think looking at those names you understand how well these swimmers have all swam when swimmers like The McKenzie family, The Griffiths Family, The Rens family, Hollie Cooper......... dont even get a mention!! A huge well done to you all and lets finish the season strong!!

Club Champs - Day 1

What a fantastic opening to our annual club champs!!! It looks like we have finally found a new balcony announcer that was made for the role and a very warm welcome to Simon Donnelly and huge thank you from everyone for stepping and and doing such a great job!! We started the preceding with a Blue ribbon event in the the selected squad 100m butterfly and they didn't fail to deliver a fantastic opener with Harvey Martin taking the win for the boys and Lottie Rens taking the win for the girls!!

We followed that that with the 25m backstroke from our pre-squad swimmers and a excellent performance from Niamh Borland seen her take the win in her heat and really set the tone for what was a brilliant day all round for Niamh. Joshua Weston had a fantastic swim in his heat and looks like we might need to keep a close eye on how he's getting on. Our Junior squad was next into the pool with their 25m freestyle race and everyone of them really showed fantastic calm to what for most of them was a first introduction to the competitive environment. With Annabelle Irvine, Karine Crosbie, Heidi Lindley and Emily Cotton Standing for the ladies and George Weston, Adam Lenehan and the Cooke brothers(Ethan & Jacob) putting on a showing from the gents. Our next set of races was from our top Squad and with some of the most anticipated heats in the entire gala we had some fantastic races to look forward to!! with heats that would include our almost infamous 11/12 & 13 yr old girls they never once failed to live up to the coaches expectations and EVERY heat was a really close fought competition and the overall leaders table will have changed around on multiple occasions. In the lads heats we had the 10 & 11 yr old boys who just like the girls are an unbelievably talented group of lads and the race that really stick out for me must be the 100m breaststroke. This is the stroke where at Lancs we twice had 3 crosby lads representing our club and it lived up to all i expected!! With young Will Irvine taking an early lead Ethan Kelly and Steven McKenzie were left chasing him. Will managed to keep the lead right up untill the final 25m but as they turned   in for the final 25m, Ethan managed to find an extra gear and just managed to pip Will for the heat win. Another squad race that sticks in the head is the girls 50m Backstroke. I had my favorite already pegged on as a dead cert but from out of nowhere Chloe Quarton stole in with a fantastic victory....amazing to me as i didn't even know she could do backstroke!!!

We kept the pace up and rattled through the races and are left with a few interesting races to complete tonight including all squad doing the 100m I.M races 

See you all later!! 6.30 warm for all squads

E & P Spring Meet

Another great weekend for the Kids from Crosby. In what was a VERY VERY busy meet. Attended by some of the biggest clubs in the region - like Liverpool & Manchester swimming clubs - our swimmers more than held their own, and managed to take plenty of medals from these more experienced swimmers on a very regular basis!! All swimmers where exceptional and carried themselves off very well both in the pool and on a very crowded poolside and as expected, where an absolute credit to their blue Crosby tops.

From a coaches point of view, and i know i've said before but..... we can't tell you all how pleased we all are when ALL we can hear is the din and racket you all make supporting WHOEVER is stood on the block in a Crosby hat and long may it continue!!!

We only had 2 newcomer to our team and despite my fears that one of the pair would hit his first official  DQ,he managed to produce some interesting tumble turns and even more interesting backstroke turns than we would have liked but interesting doesn't equal illegal and he completed two very demanding 200m events. The other one swam with great confidence in both of her of her swims even if she had to wait an eternity for her first in the morning!! so a huge well done to both Jamie Myres & Emily Phillips who where both fantastic on their debuts!!

We started our our weekend with the boys 200m IM and where represented by Caleb Griffiths, Steven McKenzie and Ethan Kelly all of whom set great PB's with Caleb and Ethan bringing home a gold and a silver each. this set the tone for the morning session with Maeve Bunclark - the new Crosby Medal Machine - picking up a silver in the 100 free and Sianna Rens picking up a bronze in the 50m breaststroke to name but a few(that's right, Sianna got a bronze for breaststroke?!?!?).

We also had a number of swimmers making attempts at what are ridiculously hard regional qualification times with mixed success. Hollie Cooper SMASHED through her 200m breaststroke time and i think needed a 2.58(SC) and manged a 2.55(SC) Well done holly and we'll see you in Manchester!! We also had Rebekah Duncan attempting an always difficult 50 freestyle but fell just short. On a personal note, the qualifying times this year are unbelievable quick!! Anyone that manages to attain these times should be hugely proud of themselves and anyone within touching distance should be equally proud of themselves!!

We had a constant presence at the medal table from all the usual suspects including Madison Rens, Aahana Manglam, Luke Suarez & James Rogers to name but a few and we also had our constant PB's being Smashed with a special mention going to Lucy McKenzie and Millie Griffiths who had fantastic swims all through the weekend

We finished the gala as strongly as we started it with Caleb Griffiths taking another silver for the 100m fly against a very strong line up. 

For my swimmer of the event it will go to someone who has struggled a little bit recently. She Never managed to hit her PB's this weekend but none-the-less swam fantastically throughout!! She has had a bit of an injury to her wrist that required an operation and a lengthy lay off from all swimming. Despite this, she has come back to Crosby with a Fantastic attitude and has attacked all her events brilliantly and keeps improving at every event!!

Well done


and keep up all the hard work and effort!!

Wirral Spring Meet

Another long weekend ......Another VERY SUCCESSFUL weekend for all of our swimmers!!  We started the 200m IM with Jess Harrington starting as the rest of the kids would go on by smashing a 15+sec off her PB!!! We followed that with success in the 100m backstroke most notably MUST go to Mathew Blackburn who managed an incredible 36.60 sec PB......... think i might have to have a word with his dad about fudging Mathews entry times??? That is just two of an incredible amount of PB's with all the kids achieving at least 1 each through the weekend..Here is a list of the most notable

Grace Ashcroft - 12sec 100 breast, Lucy chellew 10secs 100 breast, Serrene Crosbie 6 sec 100 breast, Oliver Lambert 28 secs 200 breast,Marats Solovjovs 21 secs 200 free,Maeve Bunclark - 12.7, and these are just in the first few events!!!!

We also had huge medal success with Meave Bunclark taking home 2 very impressive silver medal in the 50 & 100m freestyle races. Will Irvine taking home his usual handful of medals and Oliver Lambert bringing home a impressive tally!!

Worryingly from a coaching perspective, we suffered an alarming amount of DQ's at this gala. Some where a little excessive from a judging point of view, but enough where well earned from our nippers that means we still have a lot to practice back at HQ. Hopefully all the kids that suffered the DQ's will take the frustration back to training and listen when the coaches are giving them instruction on turns and transitions. Hopefully, we can take a positive out of this and not repeat the same issues again at the next gala

Again, we welcomed a large number of first time competitive swimmers to an event and everyone of them performed fantastic.....including 1 lad who didn't think that 50m was enough in his 50m breaststroke event and thought he would give everyone else a chance by completing a full 75m instead!! Well done to you all 

Onto our swimmer of the gala- For myself, It was 2 lads that really stood out. Im giving it to 2 because both of them only swam in 1 day. 

 The first swimmer is our Club Captain Harvey Martin who despite not training properly for the last few months showed up on the Sunday and absolutely smashed all PB's and and really looked like he is coming back into form in time for a possible shock entry into regionals !!

The second.......and im almost afraid to say it as he already seems a little over excited, is James Rogers Who was unbelievable in all his races on Saturday and constantly hit PB's and medals ALL DAY

Well done James and Harvey. You where both fantastic!!


M&D - Round 3 - Garston

4th Place

Not our best performance in this years competition.....but none the less some huge positives to take away into the final 2 gala's. This was a gala where we hugely missed some of our more experienced swimmers. So although this might not have been the most convincing performance in the pool we were still able to keep all the other teams within touching distance with some fantastic performances. Special mention must go to young Will Irvine who in his first gala came in first place to announce himself as a future Crosby star. We also had the usual fantastic performance from Caleb Griffiths & Madison Rens who won all their age group individual races and and where excellent in their relay and individual swim ups. Another Griffiths was another swimmer that swam well and was instrumental in our 10 - 11yr girls making it a clean sweep in ALL of their individual and reley events. So well done Millie Griffiths and keep up the hard work

ALL the coaches where absolutely delighted with all support shown across every age group at the end of the pool. Im sure you can imagine how nervous some of our younger swimmers can be and there is no better feeling than seeing your teammates cheering you on and supporting you in your races.

Lets hope that in the remaining galas we can call on the entire Crosby swimming club to push us on and maybe stand a chance of upsetting the odds and winning the premiere division in our first year bouncing back!!!

Onto our swimmer of the gala. This time we have given it to an entire squad. We were so short of swimmers in one age group that we had to promote an entire age group to swim not only in their own swims but that of the age group above them!! All swam excellently and Never batted an eye lid about taking on swimmers much older and more experienced than themselves.

Well done to the entire girls 12-13yrs team