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How to compete

Navigating the various competition opportunities at Crosby Swimming Club can be a bit overwhelming, but fear not – we're here to provide clarity and encouragement for your young swimmers! Read on to find out more about the type of galas and swim meets we participate in. 

Exclusive Services

Club Champs

Open to all ages and levels

Conveniently hosted at our home base, Crosby Leisure Centre

Scheduled in June during normal training times on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings

Designed to work around exam season 

 A unifying event for the entire club, parents, and helpers

 A perfect introduction to competitive swimming for our youngest members, offering a familiar environment with supportive officials

An opportunity for our older swimmers to showcase their talents, many of whom compete at a national level, setting an inspiring example for our younger members

This is an internal gala exclusively for our club members; participation details will be sent via email in May


Selection Process
All you need to do is confirm your child's participation. They will be entered into EVERY event their squad races in.



Club Galas 

Represent the club in various competitions

Participation information will be communicated via email, and we hope that EVERY swimmer will be available to represent the club. These galas have seen remarkable success in recent years, and we encourage all kids to vie for positions in the team. 


Participating offers numerous benefits, including fostering teamwork, enhancing mental resilience, and instilling a sense of pride. Your child will compete against peers of THEIR skill level, ensuring a fair and motivating experience.


Selection Process:
Head Coach Brian will assemble the team based on availability and most recent times. Selections will be shared by Elliot. Brian will also determine which races each child participates in, creating an exciting and eagerly anticipated experience for the swimmers.



Individual Galas

These events provide an opportunity for swimmers to represent themselves and achieve official competitive swim times (which Brian uses when selecting the Squad for team events). These times can serve as stepping stones to larger competitions.


Application Process for Individual Galas 

Elliot will email detailed information, including an Entry Pack, specifying event details, dates, order, and entry fees (typically around £7 - £15).

You and your child can decide which events they would like to compete in, and our team is always ready to offer guidance on suitable choices (and provide your child’s times)


There are minimal restrictions, allowing flexibility in event selection.


  • Swimmers must be at least 9 years old

  • Swimmers need Category 2 Membership from Swim England This is for members of any age who want to compete in open competitions

  • The annual membership fee for Category 2 is around £30 for the year. Apply at

Get in Touch

Any questions at all speak to any of the coaches poolside, ANYTIME! 

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