M&D Round 2 

2022 M&D R2 - team (1).jpg

I'm not sure why Warren looks so guilty?? i thought he swam AMAZING!!

These kids are turning into a very good group of swimmers while no ones been watching!!

Is that Nic in another photo....i'm not sure whether he'll be a film start or a politician...which ever one has the most photo opportunities i suspect??

.....and another decent photo of Will!!!

2022 M&D R2 - team (2).jpg

Wirral Metro"OMIGONE" Gala

OMIGONE medals (1).jpg

Why is the littlest person in the world hiding all the way up there!! We can still see you Jess!! 

Also, yet another swimmer using Caleb hair as a hidy hole

.....i can see you as well Eva!!

I'm not sure what i said to get this reaction from our medalists, must have been something hilarious or inspiring??

Either way Tilly looks less than impressed with me

....as ever! 

OMIGONE medals (2).jpg
OMIGONE City.jpg

Our City Swimmers.

Ethan practicing his

"HURRY UP, Ive been smiling like this all day" pose. Trudy just trying to be cool....i know she's made up though!!

Southport Shrimps

The future of Crosby swimming club is safe in these kids hands.....???

Only kidding, these fine specimens of youth are going to


2022 Shrimps.jpg

Lancashire County Championships


A very impressive amount of swimmers took part this year, particularly considering the entry times......although Caleb and Casey don't seem very impressed!

Im not sure what more more impressive. The fact that we have so many medalist......or that we've finally got a half decent photo of Will?!?!?


Arena League Final

Arena Final Team.jpg


Got to be honest, DEFO enjoyed that one a bit more!!

Kids where amazing right through!!

1st. Windsford - 233pts

2nd. Trafford Metro - 203pts

3rd. Blackpool - 173pts

4th. Wrexham - 171pts

5th. CROSBY - 159pts

6th. Prescott - 137pts

7th. Hoylake - 96pts

Cant wait for the M&D's now!!


Wirral Metro Christmas Gala

Wirral xmas team (1).jpg

Well dont they all look VERY pleased with themselves!! Well...apart from Casey, who does a great line in teenage disinterest nowadays and Sean who i'm now convinced that if i see his eyes again, i will turn into STONE??

So many medals ......again!!!

We're actually getting quite good at this now!!

Wirral xmas team (2).jpg
Wirral Harringtons.jpg

Its a good job that Sam is our ladies captain otherwise i might get a cob on that her and Jesimaca we're late.....also i'm a bit scared of her!!

Arena League Round 1

Arena Team.jpg

Going to be honest....didn't enjoy this one as much as i did all the other ones.......Curios how not winning can do that to you isn't it!! 

1st Wigan Best - 233pts

2nd Preston - 208pts

3rd Southport - 190pts

4th Cockermouth - 190pts

5th Blackpool - 127pts

6th Crosby - 114pts

7th Prescott - 108pts

The kids where AMAZING and always gave a brilliant performance in every event, just wasn't our gala this time. Sure the kids will be up to show what they're made of in the final though!!

L&D Championships

L&D Team_edited.jpg

Why does our team look like a promo for the latest channel 5 teen drama?

Casey looks like he's just had some bad news about his favorite garden gnome

 Caleb looks like a mysterious ex has just walked through the doors looking distinctly pregnant


Isobella looks like someone has just told her a bit of juicy goss and she cant wait to get to the next teen disco to tell everyone!

Well done to our pennant winners. Some of our first time competitors with some of our more seasoned members. Well done everyone!!


It's good job these little cherubs are better at swimming than turning up on the right day for the photo!! 

It's ALSO a good job Sam is our Captain!! haha

Our medalists......how has Will managed to hide himself in every photo??


Age group Gold + Big trophy for overall winner - 200m I.M 

Age group Gold + 2 Big trophies for overall winner - 200m Free 

Age group Gold + Big trophy for overall winner - 100m Free 

Age group Gold - 50m fly

Age group Gold - 50m Breast

Age group Gold - 100m Breast

Madison Madison Madison.....

What can we say about Maddy except INCREDIBLE!!!

Bolton Metro Comeback Meet


Most of our swimmers from our 1st gala in 2yrs. As ever some of the super cool kids aren't there for the class photo.......We'll get em next time!!


Here are some of our medal winners 

Looks like Finn is embracing his Romany roots, wandering around shirtless no matter what anyone else thinks. Sean is looking SUPER SERIOUS as only a teenager can, while Tilly looks like she knows something we don't know!!

And the final piece of the puzzle......or the kids that didn't turn up for the photo on Monday

Bolton Team.jpg

Wirral Metro Spring Meet

Wirral Team.jpg

Its time to meet the most winningest team in Crosby Right NOW!!

God they get better looking everytime i look at them!!!

wirral medals.jpg

Our medal Winners!!

Why does will alway look so confused when i take his photo???

Emily Spencer

Emily Spencer - Masters Regionals.jpg

Although far TO COOL to wear her medals for the photo(OMG NO WAY!!). Emily was again in fine form at the recent Northwest Masters Championships held at Blackpool. 

Bronze - 100m Free

Gold - 100m I.M

Gold - 50m Fly

Well done Em,

Amazing AGAIN!!! 

M&D Round 2 - Prescott

M&D Team - R2.jpg

How handsome are they?!?!?!

....OMG What's happened to Freya?? Has she eaten some blowfish before training!!!haha

Yet again the kids where amazing

1st  Prescott - 233pts
2nd CROSBY - 232pts
3rd Bridgefield - 199pts
4th Penguins - 160pts
5th Bootle - 120pts
6th Warrington -

Lancashire County Championship

Lancs Medals.jpg

Dont look so STUPID now with all the bling bling around their necks!!

Totally amazeballs the lot of you!!!

Lancs Team.jpg

Some of the team after a VERY hard but VERY success campaign at Lancs. Yet again the kids/Team/Squad were amazing

Lancs (1).jpg
Lancs (2).jpg

Can you spot the difference ????

thats right, They're BIGGER divys in the bottom photo!!! haha

Not a bad little group of swimmers representing the club!! Well done to everyone, you have all done amazing. All the coaches are HUGELY proud of you all and good luck

Southport Shrimps Gala


An amazing performance by the team which welcomed almost 20 new swimmers into the team

1st - Leyland = 228pts

2nd - Southport = 221pts

3rd - Crosby = 198pts

4th - Everton = 150pts

5th - Prescott = 142pts

6th - Halton = 112pts

7th - Preston = 103pts

8th - Garston = 83pts 

Well done EVERYONE!!!

Bolton Metro Sprint Meet

BMSS - Team.jpg

The Team at HQ.........how cool are they?!?!?! We've got Tyler throwing up the devil horns and James Quaffing his beautiful hair........go CROSBY!!

BMSS -Medalist.jpg

Our medalist. Again some familiar faces but again some new ones. Looks like another very successful gala for our nippers!!

Everton & Prescott Gala

E&P Team.jpg

The team At Crosby HQ


Our medalists. Some NEW FACES taking home some medals for Crosby!! A HUGE well done to EVERYONE!! Looks like we might have to order a thicker neck for Archie!!

Co-Op Cup - 3rd place

co-op fan.jpg
coop m.jpg
coop capt.jpg
Coop L+B.jpg
coop team.jpg

1st Warriors = 310pts

2nd Southport = 300pts

3rd CROSBY = 264pts

4th Ormskirk = 223pts

5th Hoylake = 189pts

6th Prescott = 182pts

7th Halton = 171pts

8th Penguins = 116pts

Arena League R1 - Broughton


The Squad at Crosby with a few nippers missing. Maisie already looks like she's thinking of the next round. Nic looks like he's playing hide and seek and Tyler looks like he's practicing for a career as a catalouge model!!!

As ever the kids were amazing and managed a fantastic win that puts us into a great position for the next round

1st Crosby - 207pts

2nd Crewe and Carlisle -149pts

4th Everton - 142pts

5th Penguins - 89pts

Next round in Cohhahs Key on November 9th


Co-Op Cup Round 2 - Winners!!


The winning team at Crosby HQ


Gala 2 points

1. Crosby - 228pts

2. Ormskirk - 208pts

3. Hoylake - 174pts

4. Halton - 172pts

5. Bridgefield - 127pts

6. Bootle - 98pts


So many medals !!


The Team at Crosby


The Relay Teams 


Our FINA trophy award winners

Round 1 Co-Op Cup

The team At Crosby HQ


2nd place for the 1st round and a great position going into the next round pushing for a place in the finals

1st Southport - 212pts

2nd Crosby - 205pts

3rd Warrington - 193pts

4th Hoylake - 175pts

5th Bridgefield - 130pts

6th Everton - 90pts

Brilliant from all the kids. Keep it up for the next round!!!

British & English Nationals 


Maddy and Caleb at Nationals - PB's, Finals and Medals all around


MacMillan Gala


The Team


Our Jnr Captain Maisie Stevens and acting lads captain James Rogers pick up a whole armful of awards


Overall points winners, Boys cannon AND Girls cannon!!!

1st = Crosby 195pts

2nd = Bridgefield 181pts

3rd = Halton 147pts

4th = Penguins 135pts

5th = Garston 90pts

AMAZING performance from all the nippers!!!

Freya Doran


Last weekend our very own Freya Doran competed in the Big Welsh Swim at Lake Llyn Pardarn. She completed a full 3km length of the lake and manged to finish in an incredible 2nd place in the u16yr age group.....looks like she finished 1st place at the Doran residence though!!!


Wirral Sprint Met

Team - WM_edited.jpg

The team at Crosby HQ

Look at all that BLING  BLING!!

AM - WM_edited.jpg
CG -WM_edited.jpg
Mr Donelly shows up late to the party!!!
Some of our AMAZING medalists!!!!

Swimmers of the gala


Maeve Bunclark -

2 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 1 x Prov Lancs time

Eva Duncan - 

1 x Silver

Tilly Stevens - 

2 x Gold, 3 x Silver, 1 x Prov Lancs time

In a gala FILLED with so many FANTASTIC performers these 3 stood out a little bit more for a few reasons including 2 of them showing absolutley NO fear in their very first gala's and another coming back from a DQ and 2 of them achieving PROVISIONAL LANCS TIMES

Well done, You where all


Wigan Starter Met


The Team at Crosby...minus

Mr Donnelly & 

Mrs McKenzie!!!"


Swimmer of the weekend 

Ethan Kelly 

A hat-full of medals and PB's achieved !!!!


A Huge well done to all that took part, as ever you represented our club BRILLIANTLY.

More of the same for Wirral this weekend please!!!

M&D Round 4 - Halton

2nd Place

M&D Team_edited.jpg

Some of the team at crosby......Looks like someones hiding!!!!

There she is!!
Hello Aahana!!
.........Dan was just late!!

Crosby Club Champs


Best photo EVER!!


Everton & Prescot - Spring Meet

MB EP_edited.jpg
SM EP_edited.jpg
Team EP.jpg
The Team
SF ep_edited.jpg
TD EP_edited.jpg
LS ep_edited.jpg
AM EP_edited.jpg
AT EP_edited.jpg
Some of the kids meeting Liam Tancock
HC ep_edited.jpg
JR EP_edited.jpg

Wirral Metro - Spring Meet

The Team at Crosby HQ

Some of our medalists


Our 2 x swimmers of the gala 

James Rogers &

Harvey Martin


M&D Round 3

4th place

The Team at Crosby HQ