Up & Coming Galas



M&D Round 2 

Taking place at the Knowsley Leisure Center on Sunday 23rd Feb - Team Announced

Wirral Metro -  Lev 3


Taking place on 7/8th  March at Eurpa Pool Birkenhead. Entries closed, accepted entries out soon.

Crosby Club Champs!!!

April 19/20

Taking place at........Have a wild Guess!!!



Hopefully you are aware that we are running this years Crosby Club Champs on April 19/20th. This gala is a little different as we ask you to tell us that your nippers are available to swim in the event. This is due to the fact that in previous years we have asked parents to let us know if the kids are unavailable and with parents forgetting to email us back it leads to a huge amount of empty lanes at the gala. As a club we don't have access to the automatic sorting software that you see at other events so Lyn and myself have to complete all the race prep in advance of the gala. This takes a huge amount of our time, which we don't mind but I'm sure that you can understand our frustration if a lot of races are running with empty lanes. It is also unfair on the kids as they don't get a good race against their peers, the other coaches/helpers who have given their free time to help run the event and also it unfair on the spectators as we could all be watching something a little more entertaining. 


For the newcomers


This is a brilliant way to introduce the kids to the competitive side of swimming, if they've not done it before. We always try to keep it fun and relaxed and make sure that they are racing against kids of more or less equal abilities. They will get a taste of what would be expected of them at a "proper" gala so it won't be a shock when they're stood at the blocks. We will take all the results, collate them and announce all the results and winners PLUS any CROSBY records that have been broken at our annual summer awards night. We usually hold it at the end of the season at the Marine Football Club....more details to follow. 



can everyone please let us know by 




if you want to enter your nippers in this years 


Crosby Club Champs on April 19/20th


Please be aware that if you DO NOT let us know that your child wants to compete, there will be                  NO LANE made available for them to swim on the day. So even if you can only make 1 day of the event, just let us know and WE WILL accommodate them!!